(TBV) Rick's Vanilla Sugar Daddy

By: The Broke Vaper (TBV) - Buy Direct

Used in 56 recipes at an average of 1.684%.


5 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is an actual all day coffee/cappuccino vape “no joke” it taste great after 5 days steeping but can be vaped sooner.it is a mild coffee thats what allows it to be vaped all day.the white chocolate comes through really nice after the 5th day of steeping and the whipped cream on top just finishes it.if you want a strong coffee you can go up to 10% with Lb cappuccino

Just a delicious Peaches and Cream!

The peaches in this are 100% in the front. Sweet, yet tangy, the combo of 2-1 FA White Peach to Cap Yellow Peach really works fantastically.

Cap Marshmallow forms the backbone of the cream/sweetness and the LB Van IC + Cap Van Whipped really make it thick and luscious. It really lingers on the pallet and has a great mouthfeel.

FA Pear is just to knock down any peach astringency and also to add wetness. Up the pear if you find it to be too dry for your likings.

Sweetener to taste, I only added Rick's van to this because of the vanilla notes I was already using. Super sweet to taste, but I think 0.1% is more than enough on top of the Rick's .5%

This is my take on a blueberry, cotton candy and bubble gum ice cream. I have been trying to amp up my Blue Moon Ice Cream concentrate since I got it. I was not quite ready to release this yet but I am still happy enough with it that I will share it for the show. I have the original VG version and it requires a bit more steeping and a lot more flavoring. If you have the SC version you can get by with a few days of steeping instead of 14. You will also need to lower the percentage to about 2% instead of 6%. The cotton candy may be muting this a bit so I am going to cut it in half. It was still a work in progress so don't be surprised if the percents change a tad over the coming weeks lol.

You can use another sweetener if you would like. You can also add WS-23 at around 0.3-0.4% if you want a cooler vape.

This is my take on a cream puff for the Mixin Vixens contest.

The Pastry Shell-The Croissant was used to add flakiness to the pastry shell. The Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Gingerbread help to add a little bit more density to it.

The Filling-I used a combination of Butter Cream, Cream and the Vanilla Sugar Daddy to add a sweet and creamy filling. If I had more time I may have tried to add some sort of whipped ingredient to lighten it up a bit but it has been a hectic week lol.

I also used the Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Gingerbread to add the layer of cinnamon and spice to it.

Just whipped this one up as a test, turned out to be pretty good. I was just going to use bavarian cream and capella fruit rings but it needed just a bit more and instead of a coil killer like super sweet, i used Vanilla Sugar Daddy for some sweetness.

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