(TBV) Rick's Cinnamon Sugar Daddy

By: The Broke Vaper (TBV) - Buy Direct

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Totally out of my realm of mixing but I might as well.. Chai Spiced is my daily tea of choice that I do drink. The Rich Cinnamon is Diluted 10% from the original..
This tea is really nice off the get go with the cinnamon but I do think some will need it to steep a max of 5 days.

This recipe is based off of a recipe I created in June 2017 that I had posted in ELR.. Some of the Original flavors with some new.. This is a nice dessert type recipe and you can shake and vape or wait the 5 days to vape it..

This was a recipe I have had written down to try when I had the correct ingredients to complete the mix.. It is a fine mix of Butter Pecan Topped Cinnamon Bun with Butterscotch Drizzle.. This vape is very decadent and extremely good.

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