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(SC) Honey Flue Cured

By: Super Concentrates (SC) - Buy Direct

Used in 2 recipes at an average of 2.0%.


1 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Cinnamon roll crème brûlée infused with honey tobacco.

Vanilla Custard/Catalan Cream/Fresh Cream/Butter: The custard filling. Creamy and fatty with subtle hints of citrus from the Catalan.

Cinnamon Roll: Imparts a cinnamon roll taste without adding much pastry note at 1.5%.

Caramel: Cooked sugar taste for the hard topping.

Honey Flue Cured: I added this after the whole crème brûlée steeped almost two months. SC flavors seem to be enjoyable right away, so in fear of it possibly fading, I added this afterwards. It throws some honey into the mix and finishes off the whole recipe with a comforting hug of pleasant tobacco leaf. A few days to get settled in and it's Flavortown!

I find this to be much better in a tank due to the richness factor.

Flavor Notes