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In honor of Waynes flavor review and accompanying recipe of LB Blue Raspberry(and also due to finally receiving my own bottle of the same a couple of weeks ago after my supplier had it listed as out of stock for damn near a whole year!) I figured I would share a quick and tasty recipe I've been enjoying the past few days.

I won't go in depth too much with the flavor notes. LB Blue Raspberry is the star of the recipe along with a few complimentary friends.:

INW Raspberry Malina: boosts those top candy raspberry notes to really make LB Blue Raz pop.

FLV Boysenberry: adds another dimension of candy "blue" and is an all around amazing flavor.

SC Green Apple: I have tasted green apple in many a blue raspberry candy/slush/popsicle and for good reason, as apple is a great friend of the raspberry and it really completes that candy blue raz profile and adds a unique flair to the recipe. By the way this flavor should NOT be subbed for other green apples unless you love the taste of acetone...it is awesome and if you don't have it I highly recommend picking it up.

WS-23 because summer

Sugar daddy sweetener because it's the best damn sweetener out there albeit a bit on the weak side so 1% is not that crazy for a candy profile such as this. Of course you can alter to suit your taste.

There you have it, a damn satisfying blue raz that is simple and extremely tasty. Hope you all enjoy!

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