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This is my DMV (Daily Morning Vape)
Easy SNV (overnight steep)
It’s no secret that Coffee vapes are my favorite, and Cappuccino SC is my go-to flavor in that dept
No sweetener used in this one, add to taste 👌
Mixed 4/1/2020 (April fools day)

This is my long time ADV......

Being a coffee drinker, In the past I’ve tried just about every Commercial coffee vape, cappuccino, latte, Catch Ya Latte, Oh Latte etc. and never found the perfect one for Me.

So glad I can now mix my own the way I like it, Hope you enjoy it also!

The coffee syrup ingredients for “Rhode Island Coffee Milk” drink is a closely guarded secret recipe, so this ejuice recipe was a challenge to get that “coffee + high-fructose corn syrup” taste, using caramels did not work. The Milk and Honey (FLV) ended up being the key to success here.

I mix this one in LARGE batches and rock it in the Voltrove 30mm V2 RTA, 0.10 build @90 Watts 😋
Good after an overnight steep, obviously changes with a good steep. But I love it everywhere in between 🤙
As always adjust sweetener to your liking ( Super Sweet @0.32% is my second choice when craving sweet 👌)

My nuts in your coffee RY4.

I wanted a nutty sweet dessert type RY4 that was similar to my PB Cardinal mix that didn't blacken coils so quickly. I love Holy Holy Grail and FLV tobaccos but they kill coils and cotton pretty quickly.

JF RY4 Double is a great base to build upon. It's very caramel/vanilla forward and just needs a boost here and there. I chose to boost the tobacoo with INW Vanilla for Pipe which is a nice tobacco forward flavor that pushes the tobacco notes a bit more to the front. It won't show up in the mix for about a week, but when it does this mix starts to shine.

FA Caramel and INW Shisha Vanilla are here to boost those accent notes in the VFP and RY4D a bit more forward and make the mix sweeter with more depth of vanilla/caramel. These 2 bring help without bringing a ton of baggage or off notes and work with the tobaccos instead of clashing with them.

FLV Peanut Butter was chosen for the nut notes because it doesn't fade as much and we don't really need a perfect peanut butter here. We just want the nutty notes and pyrazines that it has to offer. I added FW Hazelnut for it's creaminess. It helps keep the PB from being dry and adds some creaminess to the vanilla/caramel notes and rounds out the nutty profile nicely.

I wanted a coffee accent because Holy Holy Grail RY4 has some coffee notes that I love. Coffee flavors are all lacking in my opinion and I felt that this choice was one that would make or break this mix. I chose SC Cappuccino because it adds a bit to the creaminess of the hazelnut and stays away from that burnt popcorn note if you keep it low. Its a relatively dark concentrate, but it's still kind to coils/cotton. Some may be sensitive to the burnt popcorn off note and I would recommend adjusting this ingredient to your liking if you want more/less.

I spent a lot of time balancing this recipe and checking it after a steep. This is, of course, for my palate. If you find that yours is different feel free to tinker with the percentages a bit. This won't need sweetener. The chosen concentrates do all the sweetening it needs. If you mix this up please leave a review or some feedback. All opinions are welcome!

This is good after about a 7 day steep. It's phenomenal after a month though

Droping this 4 the mixaton ya by... hope you like not realy finished yet

This recipe is a coffee sweetened with condensed milk. It is quite good, as the vanilla, milk, and cream make this coffee very creamy and thick. I currently have a batch steeping with a lower percentage of condensed milk (.25%) and sweetener added (CAP Super Sweet .5%) to see if that works out better. This recipe was best after a looooong steep of 14 days.

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally created a coffee-forward juice that I actually enjoy. There are definitely ways to improve upon this, but after 4 months of testing coffee concentrates, my tongue needs a break.

Let me preface this by saying that I'm not a big coffee drinker, but back in March, a friend of mine introduced me to the White Russian. Dairy + alcohol sounds like a bad time, but it was much better than I expected. So, the hunt is on!

I began my quest by Googling the word "Kahlua" and found out that it was an actual company by the name, and Wikipedia defined Kahlua as a rum and coffee flavored liqueur. Right off the bat, I knew I would be combining Jamaican Rum with SC Cappucino to create the base of the drink.

Now, for the cream. TFA Sweet Cream wasn't heavy enough and brought some unwanted eggy notes with it at 2%. FLV Sweet Cream was a bit too heavy for what I was going for. I settled in with FA Fresh Cream at 1%. It adds a delicate sweetness and smooths the rum and coffee out quite well. But...

Ew...This isn't sweet...at all...I don't want to overdue but this needs SOMETHING. When I do decide to drink coffee, I drop a soft Werther's Original caramel candy in my cup and let it melt. I also use a few sprinkles of hazelnut. So, let's put them both in the coffee! The caramel sweetens up the mix and adds a bit of grittiness while the hazelnut adds some body, so things aren't super creamy.

From there, it was time to add some alcohol. Vanilla Bourbon isn't quite the vodka that is found in a White Russian, but the boozy notes it delivers fit well into the mix. It also brings that warm vanilla with it which helps bring the entire mix together.

If you're anything like me and not a big coffee drinker, this will either taste exactly like what I have described above, or it will taste like burnt popcorn lol. There is no in-between. It's not profoundly sweet or cloying at all, but the flavor lingers on your palate and in your nostrils if you exhale out of your nose.


Super concentrates cappuccino- simply put best coffee flavoring ever!!! I've been sitting on this recipe, subbing in and out coffee flavorings, trying to get something I could put my name on. I finally found a coffee flavoring that I like.. recently did a full right up on this flavor check it out here.


Flavor West ice cream, cap sweet cream, and cap vanilla custard- these three come together to create a fantastic milkshake base. I prefer flavor West vanilla bean ice cream, it's a little sweeter than the others but, if you don't have it I'm sure you could substitute in TFA, or CAP. Cap vanilla custard, comes together with the vanilla bean ice cream, to give you a much thicker more authentic ice cream. CAP sweet cream, this flavoring is a grate milk flavoring, and the counterpart to the ice cream giving you a milkshake, instead of an ice cream flavor. If you don't have it I'm 99.9% sure Bavarian cream will work just as well.

Cap sugar cookie- this flavoring does a great job of sweetening the profile, at 2% doesn't have a lot of cookie flavor. But who the doesn't want a little cookie in the milkshake 🤔 I have always loved the way this flavoring works with creams, just makes them more complex and tasty.

Back when I actually purchased Ejuice which hasn't happened for over a year this was one of my favorites. Little research on the liquid and it looks like it's been discontinued 😔 which means I can't buy a bottle to compare My remix to but from what I remember this is incredibly close.

Super concentrate cappuccino- hands down best coffee flavoring I have come across so far. Really excited about this one recommend picking it up going to be using it in a few upcoming recipes that are in the works. Not to be confused with real flavors super concentrate.

Whipped cream and sweet cream- these two come together for a great cream flavor, the perfect compliment for this coffee.

Butterscotch Ripple and caramel- using butterscotch because most caramels are lacking in that candy category. Adding an accent flavor of flavor art caramel helps give this combination of boost.

Super sweet and vanilla bourbon- both accents to help boost the candy profile and finish out this recipe.

hope you enjoy.

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