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(SC) Blackberry

By: Super Concentrates (SC) - Buy Direct

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This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: NaChef, Max Savage, Graham, and folkart.
This recipe is our version of a Blackberry, Blueberry, Lemonade. Full Development Notes at https://youtu.be/ndxXjSmXvkY
Our weekly episodes will be released at 6:00pm EST every Tuesday, and catch our live shows every Thursday at 6pm EST https://www.youtube.com/c/DevelopedDIY

Inspired by MarkSr’s blueberry muffin ice cream, I enjoyed the mix so much reminded me of home. Hailing from Maine, wild blackberries in the summer are a treat and so is ice cream.

This is a sweet blackberry and pineapple candy. The SC Blackberry is very candied and deep at the same time and the Cap golden pineapple paired with inw pineapple lift up the blackberry and really make it pop!

I created this recipe for the Flavor Pro Fantasy Food special. My Raven Berry Tart was inspired by the cooking profession in World of Warcraft. These lovely little tarts are trained in the Battle for Azeroth expansion and call for Wild Flour, Choral Honey, Aromatic Fish Oil and Wild Berries to craft them. The list of flavors is lengthy because I did not want a recognizable berry profile, instead I wanted them to morph into a new imaginary berry flavor. I feel that I pulled that off fairly well. I was not sure what to do about the Aromatic Fish Oil aspect until Dmilin had the brilliant idea to throw in some CAP-27 Fish which also paired nicely with the berries and gave them a slight syrup texture. Next I needed to find a way to add in the Choral Honey, so I opted for the VT-Honeycomb which had the added bonus of accenting the JF-Biscuit and the INW-Custard at the same time. The FW-Wild Berry Cobbler ala Mode combined with JF-Biscuit make a nice cookie base for the berries to sit in and the INW-Custard is the creamy filling that binds them. For copyright reasons I decided not to use the actual thumbnail image from the game. This photo is extremely close though.

Optional Ingredients: I added 0.4% FW-Sweetener to mine. The CAP-27 Fish and VT-Honeycomb can be omitted if you are missing them and have very little impact on the recipe.

Royal is supposedly an Asian tobacco so I am going based on that notion. The fruits mixed in represent the colors in his clothing.

Halloween is here early... mostly in case you need some time to buy missing flavors. I used the HS-Grape and INW-Grape along with the FLV-Cranberry to create the cranberry grape juice base. The SC-Blackberry and TPA-Plum are the fruity bits floating in with the FW-Pink Champagne and FA-Brandy that every good Sangria requires. This really needs a week of steeping to come together.

You can add around 0.3-0.5% of your preferred sweetener to this if you prefer sweet vapes. If you want a chilled effect you could add around 0.3% WS-23 as well. Image was found on Google search.


This remix is to mimic the New Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble the shit is delicious and this remix does the job as well. It does need a good steep at least 7 days. I used Darren Cole's aka dazcole Lemon Tart Remix as my base then just removed the lemons and replaced them with the proper berry concentrates.


After finally getting in some Rose milk and giving it a try couldn't help but throw this together. I think I'm pretty close to his base here what do you guys think?

Not rocket science here, you can sub out any BlackBerry for super concentrate BlackBerry, but it is definitely unique, and would strongly advise adding it to Your Arsenal ASAP. You don't have to take my word for it here is a review from mlNikon.


TFA sweet and tart- so if you are looking for a sweet tart flavor this is it. I was surprised how accurate the flavor was by itself. But the name can be misleading, sweetheart candies aren't very sweet or tart 🤔🤔🤔Unfortunately it does fall short in the tart category, if you're going for that Sour Patch Kids malic acid sort of thing.


It took about a month just to figure out the ingredients for this recipe. @jbird worked with me for another month helping me create the finished product.

JF biscuit= A great cookie or great for a pie crust or just to hold other bakery notes that fall apart easily.
Flv rich cinnamon= A very great cinnamon, imo the KING. Although it's not right for just anything but when it works it is unbeatable.
TPA butter= Melted butter.
FA almond= A great almond I normally prefer TPA toasted almond for being even more authentic to the profile but most people don't have it anyway.
SC blackberry= A very nice flavor but almost impossible to use, it's a very bland canned blackberries with a floral note.
INW cherries= Very bright also sweet and spicy but again... very tart imo it's the perfect pairing for sc blackberry two complete opposites that play well together.

It was a huge balancing act trying to get the fruits just right and have the mix not taste linear. I really hope everyone picks up these 2 fruits they are very useful esp the cherries . This vape is not dry these are very bright and wet fruits and you can shake and vape this but at around 3-4 days it gets really good. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. Thanks again @jbird. Also adding 2 drops of CAP SS is pretty dope.

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