(SC) Black Tea

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This is just a simple recipe that brings me back to the chai my grandmother used to make every day. It's really straight forward and works well. Chai in India is generally bitter, sweet, spicy and warm. I honestly think the recipe is self explanatory. I wanted more ginger out of the FLV Chai spice so I added more. This is good as a SnV, but better after 3-4 days as the astringency tones down a bit.

Vanilla Chai Spice Latte (Dunkin Donuts Style) 😃 This is mine & my wife's favorite treat this time of year and since it's getting colder again I figured I'd give this recipe a try...


It's been a year in the making and I think that I finally have it this time 😁 breaking it down to its core profiles, and with the addition of some new flavorings, simplicity is the best way to go in recipe development. 👍

1st off I wanna give props to Jennifer Jarvis for her help with this recipe back in the beginning... Thank you! 👊

Now onto the notes:
(FLV Eggnog) This is the main flavor that comes thru in this recipe. The first time that I drank this stuff, it reminded me of a warm eggnog with a slight tea back note.

(VT Vanilla Cream) Gives a nice thick/rich mouthfeel to the recipe as well as a nice vanilla base. The drink itself is thick & creamy.

(WF Tahitian Vanilla Cream) Adds a deeper vanilla layer and more mouthfeel.

(TPA Chai Tea) Gives just a little chai tea note to help fill out the recipe. Too much will give weird off notes.

(SA Black Tea) Gives the backbone for the tea flavor cause the TPA Chai Tea needs a lil help in the tea department. This stuff is STRONG, so be careful if your going to add more.

(CAP Super Sweet) This recipe I feel needs this for authenticity because the drink itself is SWEET... 🤤

Hope you like this recipe as much as I do (and the real thing) 😉
Feel free to comment and review.

I started with the Arnie Palmer. SC Black Tea is a pretty good sweet black tea. Adding that to LA Lemonade + FLV Lemonade(helps the lemonade longevity) and I wanted to try the VT Sour Lemon. This is a really sweet, tart and zesty Lemon which does a wonderful job of adding to the lemonade base. VT Mango juice is like that mango nectar that you get in a can and FLV Mango is that pure ripe mango. This is a pretty fun refreshing vape, add WS-23 or Sweetener to taste.

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