(SC) Black Fire Tobacco

By: Super Concentrates (SC) - Buy Direct

Used in 2 recipes at an average of 1.9%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

An attempt at turning out a good tobacco version of one of /u/ID10-T's 123 recipes.

Just a fun experiment in creative substitutions.

Started with the recipe Mango Island... but not having any of the ingredients, doing 1:1 subs with the flavors I do have. For example- I don't have INW Coconut, but since this is /u/chemicalburnvictim, INW DNB should be good at the same level, so in it goes. No FLV Cream or FLV Mango, but I have FLV Red Burley and FLV Cured, and they work at the same levels, so in they go. No HC flavors, but maybe SC Black Fire will work, so in it goes. FA Melon similarly needed to be replaced and FA Whiskey is handy... And lacking INW Pineapple, I lastly subbed in INW Tobacco Symphony. So now, the one non-tobacco recipe from CBV has been restored to its proper profile.

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