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(SM) Turner's Tea

By: Stixx Mixx (SM) - Buy Direct

Used in 1 recipes at an average of 6.5%.


1 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is a really nice easy slightly floral tea. Stixx mix turners tea is the base that I used to build around and is just lovely by it self but want to pull out some of the notes I get from it.

SM turner tea- light green tea with mild vegetal flavors and notes of rose and cherry that is just lovely, and is the perfect base for this mix.
TPA honeysuckle - ever since I mixed up longing by @id10-T I have been in love . - it has a floral sweetness and adds a lovely creamy mouth feel that works so well in this type of mix.
sugar orchid slight cherry blosom vanilla note that is perfect int his mix
FLv honey bee- this is a very light sweet floral honey that if used low is the honey you want in a honey sweet tea.

Flavor Notes