(SM) Butter Rum Cavendish

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Butter Rum Peach Tobacco

Stixx Mixx Butter Rum Cavendish is the star of the show here. One of my favorite NET tobaccos.
This is a delicious peach tobacco, and the peaches taste slightly cooked because of the golden syrup.

Delicious. πŸ’œ

The profile i am shooting for is a nice smooth ry4 type stone that can incorporate fruits and creams and chocolate to make a versatile vaping experience.

Going out for drinks tonight?
that's the mix you wanna take with you!😎

A slightly sweet creamy tobacco mixture,enhanced with bourbon vanilla and butterscotch.Flavorah's Smoked butterscotch adds that extra kick and smokiness in the aftertaste


Stixx Mixx Butter Rum Cavendish is one of my favorite NET’s. I used this to create a delicious tobacco dessert vape. It has a great bite free taste. It tastes of Butter Rum and Jamaican Rum.

To help with the dessert feel, I used Holy Holy Grail, an RY4 Type concentrate. Flv Toffee really helps to build on the toffee flavor, but the Vape Train Hard Crack Toffee really gives that extra bite to the caramel and toffee combination, it gives the taste of real hard toffee. The Vape Train Devon Cream has this warm butter note that goes perfectly with Caramel and Toffee. This really helps blend all the flavors together. To top it off, FW Butter Pecan adds the extra delicious flavor.

This is delicious after the shake, but for optimal taste, a week steep would be best because of the Devon Cream.
Optional: add .25 to .5% of AP, this will help bring more of the nuttiness notes out.

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