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(SM) Honduran Ligero

By: Stixx Mixx (SM) - Buy Direct

Used in 27 recipes at an average of 4.38%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Stixx mixx tobaccos are (to me) lovely yet soft and delicate in flavor. They somehow manage to defy description as well. The flavors are smooth at even higher percentages and whenever I complain about the 'lack of flavor' and switch to other brands, I am always struck by how heavy handed they seem. If you are considering trying a NET, I like this mix.

Honduran Liguero from SM: "a great, smooth shag flavor. Lighly [sic] sweet, and very very smooth. Excellent standalone, or with dark berries" It's definitely a medium tobacco flavor with darker notes, not very woodsy but a great mouthfeel and fullness that I could totally see getting behind some darker berries.

So I decided to try it with FLV Acai. It blends in nicely. The strange funkiness of Acai doesn't show through here but the slight berry with chocolate notes blends in perfectly. The softness of the NET leaves room for the chocolatey hints to be forward enough without making it seem like a dessert tobacco and the berry aspect gets fuller from the natural sweetness of the tobacco. I've also tried to add some more berries and at 5% the bacco couldn't hold up. it instantly became a berry vape with a slight bacco back. upon further testing of HL at 10%, I'm convinced that for a more complex berry vape, one would have to go towards the higher suggested end of the range. I tried VT bilberry ripe with the Acai and just got super jammy, I tried another one I forget and was pretty ready to just let it go until now that I realized that HL needs to be much higher to provide balance.

This one was ADV for me for a few months and I don't really do that. Nothing legendary, but a solid mix that is light enough of a flavor to not tire out your tongue and also provides some complexity. If you are looking for ideas, I hope you like or improve on it.

A tobacco mix,in which the tobacco flavours were chosen for their special characteristics.Hondurian Ligero(SM) because it is smooth and slightly sweet.Cured tobacco (flv) for the woody nutty notes-Kentucky blend (flv) for the nutty-slightly leather-caramel notes and to enhance the sweet notes of hondurian ligero and cured tobacco.Aged bourbon cream (RF) and madagascar bourbon vanilla(TPA),combine well to give deep,darker creamy note that blends well with the kentucky bourbon and smoothens the final mix
The mix needs to steep for 5-7 days,for the creams and bourbon to come in place


Holy Smoke if you love a smooth dessert tobacco. This is for you. This is made with Stixx Mixx Naturally Extracted Tobacco. Check them out @http://www.stixxmixx.com/product/a-blend/
N.E.T.’s used:
Honduran Ligero: A great, smooth shag flavor. Lighly sweet, and very very smooth.
Nicaraguan Seco: The building block of any great cigar always starts here. Mellow and smooth tobacco taste, with some nutty undertones help put this blend right on top in any cigar or pipe blend you can imagine.
These 2 N.E.T.’s combined create a great boost for any RY4. Giving thanks to @kopel for this discovery.
Additional concentrates:
Holy, holy grail from DIY flavor Shack, in my opinion, is one of the best RY4’s available.
FW Butterscotch Ripple, this helps add that touch of butterscotch ever so creamy.
FLV Smoked Butterscotch: This gives a sweet, wood smoke flavor. Very smooth
FLV Graham Cracker: to add a touch of texture

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