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(SM) Chock Full of Nuts

By: Stixx Mixx (SM) - Buy Direct

Used in 9 recipes at an average of 2.734%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Made for kindground mixathon. Notes to come after the steep. Standby

I have been wanting to try the Stixx Mixx coffee line. As I have not found a coffee flv that really checked all the boxes for me. Some have a really bad after note of plastic or burnt rubber or they hare really a choclate that give you the impression of a a coffee
This is a simple elegant mix after doing some single flavor testing and MAN OH MAN I am in my coffee heaven .
Italian roast and chock-full of nuts - the combination of these too give me the BOLD coffee that I am after with some of the subtle nut and chocolate notes I wanted

WF hazel nut adds some nuttiness and sweet cream to pull out the nutty back not from the coffee.

The FLV milk and honey was added for some body, and volume but it also has some chocolate/ coffee notes that I can pick out at higher percentages so I thought that would compliment the profile I wanted here

I have to say I am really happy with these stixx mixx coffee flavors - I really cant wait to try some of the teas and make up some more simple elegant mixes

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