(SM) Aged Burley

By: Stixx Mixx (SM) - Buy Direct

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A smooth Caramel tobacco with a cream mouth feel of Vanilla.


The Caramel and Maple is a back note in this recipe, with a rich tobacco front note,very smooth and hard to put down.


Tobacco with rum and raisin. Red dates is a very nice raisin from Vape train. Best after 10 dates. Enjoy

Sweet apple, creamy sweet rice, buttery caramel, walnut, with a touch of vanilla custard.
I added a small touch of tobacco flavor to this recipe after it was developed, for those who are in search of a sweet apple, very slight tobacco, recipe.
If you don't want the tobacco in this recipe you don't have to add it.
The slight note of tobacco, however, accentuates the caramel and walnut.

SNV- Best @ 14-30 days.
Hardware set up.
Hadaly RDA 0.6 ohm SS 316L (8 wraps) 3mm diameter coil, cotton candy wick, mod set at 35-40 Watts.

Always looking for a good tobacco with chocolate and coffee to back it up with you get a black and mild chocolate and coffee with a tad of a fig/raisin on the exhale very nice to come home to after a Saturday of working and just chill


Check out the video for this recipe here https://youtu.be/SuUYlGLoetA

This was inspired by Stixx Mixx's Aged Burley. I really just played off the dark berry notes that I got from single flavor testing. Same goes with the Caramel and Vanilla Custard I added to give it some creaminess and make it a little more dessert like.
Overall it is a sweet and bold pipe tobacco with a kick of blackberry. Delicious!

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