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A wet, ice cold melon & cucumber mix.

FLV Wild melon, TFA watermelon, and TFA Honeydew are the base here obviously. It's a nice well rounded melon foundation, some candy notes and some natural melon notes. It's tasty. CAP Cucumber is an excellent cucumber flavor with a lot of wetness as well. TFA Pear brings some graininess to the melons, although subtle. INW Cactus Lime is my new Swiss army knife. It brings that thick juiciness that we all love from cactus but the lime adds some zing and helps cover up that weird cactus note that I don't always want in a mix. Coolant and Sweetener to taste, and can even be omitted but I've been craving that powerful cooling and the sugar lips most commercial juices give.

From the website:

Rise on Ice by Ruthless Vapor e liquid is a tasty cool vape blended with mouthwatering mangos and Lychee. The magnificent combination of fruit and menthol is a must vape.

I’ve been working on perfecting this for a while. Originally inspired by @Fuminoid’s remix of the non menthol version from IG.

Shake and vape. I mix it 70/30 with nicotine river salts around 3mg. I’m using purlium’s ws-3.

Enjoy. Born.

This is my attempt of a copy of nasty juice wicked haze ,i realy like this one, i would love to hear any feed back thank and enjoy.

Simple, refreshing Lemonade.

Needed something different from the plethora of deserts and bakeries I usually vape. This definitely ticks the boxes!

The LA and FLV Lemonade combo works a treat. LAs is weaker, but more authentic, and FLVs reminds me of a lemon sherbet/ bon bon. It gives a more cloudy impression to the lemonade.
I added RF Cream Soda to thicken the mouthfeel and try to convey more bubbles.
FA Lemon Sicily, my favourite lemon, used for its beautiful fresh lemon authenticity.
INW Cactus at a low percentage really complements the lemon, just gives it a little juicy boost. The Super Sweet pushes everything forward and helps the sour notes hit the tongue more. It could probably be lowered slightly, though I wouldn’t go any higher.
I used a small amount of WS-3 for a cooling effect, without retarding the flavours as it does for me when used higher. The only trouble is it does fade over time.
I can see lots of ways to tinker with this, adding different fruits instead of the Lemon Sicily, just got some VT Fizzy Sherbet in too, which I’ll be swapping for the Cream Soda once I finish this batch, and I’ll update if necessary. But as it stands it’s damn addicting and true to the profile.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Really nice sweet fluffy grapemint flavor,love this stuff reminds me of nasty juice asap grape.
Enjoy 💨💨


"If only I could be so grossly incandescent..."
A tribute to the Knight of Astora who never found his sun; and a play on a popular summer Icecream Lolly that we Brits like to suck on.
Sweet and refreshing tropical Icecream vape.
Praise the Sun ☀️

perfecf drink,Made of white gin,natural blackcurrant absinthe And lemon

Summer's here so I was looking for a cool refreshing vape to accompany the glorious sunshine. Quick note: I used ws-23 instead of koolada for that extra freshness.

Was chatting to my dad about the Manchester bombing an said it would be nice to do something for the victims an families, but didnt know what ?.
So he suggested why not donate some money from a recipe you sell to friends family etc so im gonna donate my profits to the fund
So maybe some of the mixing community could do the same if you are able to help what is obviously a worthy cause

Manchester news have a fund on https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/westandtogethermanchester an are 78% towards there total of raising £2 million for the families

The recipe is one i finished last month an have had really good feed back
FLV Pink Guava -after reading reviews on the sub i picked this up an i was over the moon with how it vaped ! Tons of flavour as expected with flavorah stuff but as good as i find some of there stuff they do have some shockers !! Its the main note through the whole recipe an it was begging to be paired with a good grapefruit imo
INW Grapefruit - A very sweet tart grapefruit that marrys well with the pink guava for the recipe ! Super fresh an perfect for this weather ! To high % an i felt some throat hit so 1.5 % was my sweet spot
TPA Dragonfruit/INW Raspberry - The supporting star in alot of fruit recipes pumps up the other fruits an with a bit of raspberry give the recipe some body an a nice secondary layer with some weight
WS-23 - Never been a Koolada fan but Ws-23 is good addition to keep that cool tropical flavour on a hot day
TPA Ethyl maltol just tames down the tartness of the grapefruit an smooths the sharper notes together
CAP super sweet - FOR THE WIN :-)

Back in the day when I still used to buy commercial e-liquids at my local shop. Fcukin' Flava's "Yummya Guava" was my all day vape. But then I discovered DIY and got really into it. The past year i've been learning how to mix but i had this craving for my all day vape. So I descided to try and make a clone of it. And that's what this recipe exactly is. An attempt to clone that e-liquid. it's not 1:1 but it come pretty damn close.

FA Fuji
This flavor brings some juicyness to the mix and really serves no other purpose. That's why it's on the low side in percentages.

FA Lime Cold Pressed
I use this to lift up the other fruit flavors a bit and give it a bit of that tropical hint. just a dash of it work, but don't put in too much or it will come through and taste too citrus-ish.

SolubArome Goyave (Guava)
This is the main star of this profile. It's a real nice tropical styled guava. It's like one of those caribbean version of this fruit. I really enjoy the taste and smell of this Guava. It is more a candy profile though.

CAP Raspberry
This flavor is in there to support the main flavor note (Guava) It's rounds it out a bit better and blends into this tropical sweet version of itself. It does come through a bit, but doesn't overpower. Which i find is a nice addition to overal main profile.

Cap Super Sweet
You can't make a Malaysia e-liquid clone without a good amount of this flavor. You could bring it down to your personal taste. But i went for a clone so i pumped it up as much as I could bare.

This is a stronger cooling agent then koolada and i use a 30% mixture in PG for this recipe. The Guava and Super sweet bring down the cooling which explains the high usage in this recipe

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