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Used in 2 recipes at an average of 6.0%.


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Back in the day when I still used to buy commercial e-liquids at my local shop. Fcukin' Flava's "Yummya Guava" was my all day vape. But then I discovered DIY and got really into it. The past year i've been learning how to mix but i had this craving for my all day vape. So I descided to try and make a clone of it. And that's what this recipe exactly is. An attempt to clone that e-liquid. it's not 1:1 but it come pretty damn close.

FA Fuji
This flavor brings some juicyness to the mix and really serves no other purpose. That's why it's on the low side in percentages.

FA Lime Cold Pressed
I use this to lift up the other fruit flavors a bit and give it a bit of that tropical hint. just a dash of it work, but don't put in too much or it will come through and taste too citrus-ish.

SolubArome Goyave (Guava)
This is the main star of this profile. It's a real nice tropical styled guava. It's like one of those caribbean version of this fruit. I really enjoy the taste and smell of this Guava. It is more a candy profile though.

CAP Raspberry
This flavor is in there to support the main flavor note (Guava) It's rounds it out a bit better and blends into this tropical sweet version of itself. It does come through a bit, but doesn't overpower. Which i find is a nice addition to overal main profile.

Cap Super Sweet
You can't make a Malaysia e-liquid clone without a good amount of this flavor. You could bring it down to your personal taste. But i went for a clone so i pumped it up as much as I could bare.

This is a stronger cooling agent then koolada and i use a 30% mixture in PG for this recipe. The Guava and Super sweet bring down the cooling which explains the high usage in this recipe

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