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First time using SSA Cinnamon Apple Pie but upon smelling it knew it needed help. OoO VCC for more body and it's added deliciousness. I don't use CAP double apple much, thought about PUR Country Apple but wanted it a little more pronounced. OoO Pie Crust to add to what smelled to be missing. Was going to go with CAP Cinammon Sugar but CDS felt more appropriate as a bakery cinammon. SSA Whipped Cream as it is delicious, one of my favorite whipped creams after trying it for the first time.

Try it without super sweet at first but after trying it without knew it needed a little pop and 0.50% never hurt anyone lol. It does have a nice sweetness but 0.25% might suffice for most.

I used the Game Changer homogenizer for my initial 30ml and tried it the next day....delicious. immediately made a 250ml bottle but just shared it, definitely not as balanced but still tasty, thinking 2 weeks and it should be good to go

I love coffee at the late hours of the night that often keeps me up until the dawn feeling like a Teeeker -(Pur) caramel coffee w/ sweet milk is the best in my opinion paired with (FlV) RY4 gives it more smooth butterscotch smokiness-The pie crust base is simple (Flv) Cookie and (FA ) Cookie and topped it all off with some vanilla goodness (SSA) whipped Cream and vanilla ice cream..

This recipe was created for DEVELOPED to showcase the use of WF Strawberry (Baked) in strawberry bakery profiles.

As we stated in our "The Best Strawberry...For Each Profile" video ( https://youtu.be/OgKOoEpR43M ), we mentioned how to utilize the "baked" aspect of WF Strawberry (Baked) to create a strawberry bakery profile and adding another strawberry to create a more natural-like strawberry. In a strawberry pie the filling is baked but also it seems to retain some of the "fleshy" freshness. So, by adding INW Shisha Strawberry, it adds just a touch of "greeness" to the filling, tricking your brain into thinking it's more natural. The strawberry filling did seem to be a bit flat, so by adding FA Armenia (Apricot) it gave it a bit of syrupy sweetness to the filling.

The pie crust is actually the star here. I love using JF Cookie as the base of the crust. To me, it's the closest thing we have to a pie crust. By adding INW Biscuit, this adds a bit of dimension to the bakery to make it stand out. The CAP Sugar cookie is there to add a sweet bakery to the crust layer.

Strawberry Pie should always be served with a whipped cream topping. SSA Whipped Cream fit very nicely here and doesn't seem to mute as much as other whipped creams.

I topped it off with 0.75% CAP Super Sweet to enhance the strawberries, but if you prefer it less sweet, you can always use less.

Steep time: 4 Days

I hope you will mix, comment, and or rate, it make us all better mixers. :)

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The best peanut butter pudding on earth 🌎
I added 0.5% CAP SS as I do to all my recipes, this is hands down the best PB recipe I’ve not only created but ever tried in my life. It’s ridiculous! I know there’s a lot on concentrates in this recipe but please just trust me on this, everything has a job and works in harmony with each other. I Vape this stuff straight off the shake and it’s delicious from the get go and just keeps getting better and better.


Delicious layered dessert with ooey gooey butterscotch, nilla wafers, and a thick rich cream for this week's episode of Mixin Vixens:
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The closest I’ve tried to a full on Cinnabun with creamy icing drizzle. I usually vape this straight off the shake for a more “icing forward” vape however the cakeyness comes out the more you let it steep (5 days Max).
Please leave your feedback on my work, happy mixing guys and stay safe 💙


An extra chocolatey tiramisu that's works perfectly as a shake and vape. It sounds wrong, but tell me I'm wrong. I dare you 😁


Delicious, sweet English trifle for this weeks episode of The Mixin Vixens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5_xjQ2g8Ag

I used SSA Whipped cream as it is a rich, heavy whipped cream that pairs beautifully with WF Vanilla Cream Extra and VT Sweet Cream as the base for this delicious dessert.

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Here’s my version of a delicious,simple banana pudding that IMO is decent off the shake and ready to go. I prefer to add 0.5% cap SS to pretty much all my recipes (this one included) however it’s very tasty without so if you prefer not to use sweetener,this recipe is a banger without. Please leave your feedback if you give this one or any of my other recipes a mix, kind regards and stay safe people 💙


This recipe took a fair amount of tinkering to get right! I wanted the experience to be super creamy,nutty (ish) and for that waffle cone to come through at the end....mission accomplished! 💯 give this one a mix and please be so kind to leave your review and rating for others to see. Hope you enjoy this one as much as myself. Take care and stay safe guys.

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