(SSA) Vanilla Sugar

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Used in 13 recipes at an average of 0.535%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


A Thick Creamy Vanilla Explosion in Your Mouth! Can be used as a base too!!!


I'm going for a Belgium Waffle topped with cookie dough and chocolate whipped cream. Why? Because some midwestern house wife thought this monstrosity up and I could help but make a run at it vape form.

As always sweeten to taste.

Apple strudel that is more heavy on the "strudel", light apple (after steeping). FLV Caramel adds a light "brown sugar" note which compliments the apple and cinnamon very well and adds to a "baked" feeling.

Just a plain simple short bread recipe,
Using wf and ssa shortbreads provides the main profile of the vape with the added fa cookie lifting the crisp/graininess of the shortbread. Devon cream and custard premium dial up the richness and add to the mouthfeel of the vape then sprinkle on some extra sugar and off you go.

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