(SSA) Raspberry Syrup

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This started out as trying to make a clone or something similar to SMAX's Pony on Acid. I think that after a snv it's decent and gives me a lot of close or similar flavors and mouth feel but it isn't complete.

This recipe has a a lot of pineapple in the beginning and then turns into strawberries and raspberries in a red syrup like glaze and then has a fresh whipped cream flavor.

This is also my first time sitting down and working from another recipe as a headstart or as hints. I do ask that if you make the liquid, please leave a review regardless of if you enjoyed it or not and anything you would change. Im Hoping the feedback can help give me ideas as to what I'm missing and perfect the recipe.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe and lets keep vaping.

A smooth cream soda infused with raspberry and a creamy vanilla finish.

Raspberry Lemon Custard e-liquid is a thick creamy baked lemon infused custard vape, drowned in a warm raspberry sauce, with mild undertones of cinnamon and vanilla. A well balanced e-liquid for any custard lover.
Using my favorite Lemon Custard blend and adding TPA Vanilla Custard 2 and SSA Raspberry Syrup to the mix gives this mix the extra kick it needs.

This creation is a Raspberry Chiffon Cake. A soft spongy white cake, a raspberry chiffon cream and a soft raspberry candy topping.
For the soft white cake I choose to go with a combo of WF Fluffy White Cake, FW White Cake and Cap Sugar Cookie. For the Raspberry Cream I used SSA Raspberry Syrup, WF Buttercream Frosting, and Cap Butter Cream. And for the Soft Raspberry Candy Topping I'm using VT Red Soft Candy which is a Raspberry Jelly Candy.


I wanted a Rainbow Sherbet for a pod recipe and all of the Rainbow sherbet flavors seemed to missing something so I decided to create my own. Based off of the sherbet base from Developed DIY Blood Orange Sherbet of VT Yoghurt Drink LB Vanilla Ice Cream and VT Fizzy Sherbet. I kept the FW Blood Orange adjusted the % and added VT Shisha Lime and SSA Raspberry Syrup.

Delicious, full-bodied cheesecake using Yes we Cheesecake, Vanilla pudding, and Greek Yogurt. Red Raspberry and Raspberry syrup for the delectable razz glaze. Shortbread cookies to push the crust in Yes we cheesecake (because where I'm from you don't have a cheesecake without crust).

Belgian Waffles topped with Raspberries, Caramel & Vanilla Ice Cream.
A waffle shop classic

I refuse to root for anyone but my team. Tom Brady can eat his Avocado Ice Cream, Patrick Mahomes can go shill for State Farm with Aaron Rodgers during the off season.
I stole the sweet yogurt trick from EyeAmSam, it adds a nice milky quality to cheesecakes while adding richness.
Milky caramel fudge and FW butterscotch give you a great caramel stripe.
Lemon cheesecake helps pump up the strawberry to a main note while adding to the already magnificent WF strawberry cheesecake.


So many custard and cream junkies out there i doubt anyone needs many notes anymore, i think we mostly get the picture on how things work now.
Used this raspberry base to add a more authentic touch to the raspberry syrup swirling in rich & buttery vanilla cuzzy.

A sweet fluffy pavlova (meringue-like dessert) drizzled with raspberry syrup.

*I added 0.4 Fe lemon since i like my raspberry brighter. Enjoy!

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