(SSA) Raspberry Syrup

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I should have listened to Max Savage and just replaced the raspberry to SSA in their original version. This is vapeable and gets better after a couple of days. I like the raspberry but I'd like the white chocolate to be upfront. This did give me some inspiration. I will rework this with regular chocolate for that gas station chocolate jelly ring mix.

Jello is very popular here in Germany.

My favorite is raspberry jello with vanilla sauce on top. Absolutely delicious!

I have tried many vanilla flavors but the Vanilla Custard from Capella fit the best and the Raspberry Syrup fits perfectly


So, I originally made a peaches and cream I did not feel was good enough to share, the white peach was way too strong! This time, we’ll I’m not going to lie I am surprised with how good this is!! I have only been mixing a few months and this is third one I have came up with on my own and this one is great and my favorite! Works well as a shake and vape. Something about the berry flavor settles the peach down and is amazing. I also put 3 drops of cap sweet mango per 60mls but that is optional and hardly measurable. Enjoy

Yes this is an extended version of Developed's Morning Mocha with a boost to the chocolate notes using VTA Dark Chocolate, and a splash of SSA Raspberry Syrup and VT Red Soft Candy (Raspberry Gummy). Then I felt that the original did not have enough of a coffee presence so I added a bit of VTA Cafe Latte to help bring out more coffee notes.

Really good Raspberry Lemonade considering it is only 2 ingredients. I think new mixers would really enjoy this. This mix does have a lot of throat hit. That's why I use EM here. I do shake and vape this but it is does have a floral note off the shake. Disappears after a couple days.

**** NOTICE: Raspberry Malina I couldn't find in the flavor stash here and that's the INW I used ****

Raspberry syrup, nuts, and cream? You asked for it, you got it. It's a blend of sweet delicious ice cream/custard with the right amount of nut sprinkles, and sweety syrupy raspberry, what's not to like? The hazelnut really gives this a different dimension and honestly, I was shocked that it worked out so well. Enjoy!

Mixed this the same day as I mixed the Strawberry Hazed, trying to see if this would work with other fruit flavors, and OH MY Raspberry it did!

Pink lemonade punch with a kick of lemon lime soda

Partly inspired by https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/212992#raspberry_jelly_donut_v2_by_enyawreklaw

Recently a UK supermarket launched these bad boys and I figured that it would make a pretty impressive vape. I wasn't wrong. A light airy supermarket style doughnut filled with a pink lemonade jam.

Tested on
Wasp Nano
Single 2.5mm ID Alien
0.24 @ 36-40 watts

Full flavoured Blue Raspberry off the shake, the Lemon is doing its job to brighten the fruits, VSO Blueberry is the best blueberry I have tried & mixing that with VSO red raspberry & SSA raspberry syrup, rounds it out to a yummy blue raspberry

Long list of ingredients for this one but totally worth it. Raspberry and waffle at the forefront.

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