(SSA) Pear

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Basic Coconut and Pear mixed with Bavarian Cream

I used WF Bavarian Cream for this recipe because it's delicious, but it also doesn't have the stronger caramel or brown sugar notes you get with many of the other BCs.

For Coconut I'm using both FLV Sweet coconut because as it's named, it's sweet, and delicious, and a little Coconut Custard to help bring a smoother coconut flavor, and sit well with the bavarian cream.

For pears, I've got the SSA Ripe Pear providing a majority of the body for a fresh pear, and am using the TFA Pear to bring a little of the floral top notes you'd expect from a fresh pear, as well as FA pear to provide a little more pear flavor, and add some juiciness to the pear.

Super Sweet could be optional, however I like the additional sweetness it brings, and it also helps stave off a little dryness.

This tastes fairly good when vaped right after a shake, but after a week long steep you're left with a smooth creamy light sweet coconut and pear cream that I find thoroughly enjoyable.

SSA Pear (ripe) is merely to give texture to the watermelon. Lime becomes less pronounced as it sits. Shake and vape. Haven't had this sitting around longer than a week to know how it steeps but I imagine the only change is the lime will be very subtle.
Add sweetener or coolant to your liking.

A breakfast treat of granola and yogurt with mild apple and pear.
Key players here are the Flv concentrates as these add that authenticity of the profile

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