(SSA) Juicy Cherries

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Got idea for this a few months ago when weather started warming up. Add coolant as option. This is refreshing light but full flavored juice. I seldom mix recipes twice as I am part of that ADD group of juice mixers and have amassed alot of flavors constantly chasing new juice. This one was in a batch of 15 or so mixes I made up over a week and didnt get to it for 3 or 4 weeks so thats what I'll recommend for a steep but its a fruit mix so I also need to try it off the shake. So any ways I probably go thru 20 or 30 juices without remixing anything cause it didn't trigger my "oh man thats good" reflex. Well this one did and when I looked I couldn't believe it was one that I mixed up personally. So enjoy. Also, thanks a ton to all the mixers out there that take the time to post their craft on pages like these. Literally teaching people as they go is awesome and I for one appreciate you.

Very simple yet satisfying Cherry Coke Recipe 🍒

This is a sweet and tasty Cherry Coke like you get it off the can. Really like how these two SSA Flavors work together. This very authentic slightly citrusy Cola goes really well together with the natural Cherry feeling, that SSA Juicy Cherries provides. As a matter of fact, there is still enough room to add flavors to this recipe but heyyy - not allowed in this context. Still this mix is damn close to the OG and Jesus - all my vape life I was looking for something like this. Enjoy!

This recipe is shared for the Developed Assignment challenge, 2 flavor bangers.


  • CAP SS with 1% to simply make it a perfect 1-2-3 recipe.

  • SSA Cola with 2% provides just the right amount of the less prominent Cola side of things.

  • SSA Juicy Cherries with 3% stands actually side by side with Cola to give it the realistic Cherry Coke vipe.

Additional Notes

  • Don’t go to crazy with the SSA Cherry
  • Add 0.5% WS-23 if you like cool drinks!
  • Add 0.5% VTA Fizzy Sherbet to push the famous Coke effervescent feeling.

If you drip it, please give the cotton some seconds to fully absorb the liquid before you take the first hit, as this is a quite strong mix.

Testing Notes

Developed on Hadaly RDA. (DL, 27-32W, 0.25 Ohm, VV Fine Fused Clapton Ni90)


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SnV approved

First let me say I know there is a very good cheesecake trinity out there and has been for a long time. It is still to this day one of my favorite trinities to use, that being said I want to make this recipe be a little different and not just another "strap on fruit" and call it a day cheesecake.

(My Cheesecake Trinity):

INW Yes, We Cheesecake: A full bodied creamy cheesecake with a "slight coconut aftertaste that fades with steeping" followed by a light graham on the exhale. This will be the base we build off of for our trinity.

PUR New York Cheesecake: This flavoring changes it's profile after a good steep. SNV its coconut forward with graham cracker, however once steeped it transforms into a thick creamy vanilla cheesecake with a bit of a tangy exhale while the graham crust becomes a little more pronounced with a buttery mouthfeel. Very well rounded flavoring to add more body to our trinity.

JF Cheesecake Graham Crust: A robust graham crust that is "softer" then most others "like it has absorbed cheesecake into the crust". Has a slight but accurate cheesecake in the background that finishes off our cheesecake trinity.

Before we get into this cherry trinity I would like to point out that these cherries are the best I've used imho however and if used to high will bring out off notes that we don't need. Thus we will be going sub percent's on all three to build a full rounded flavor.

(My Cherry Trinity):

Ripe Cherry: This flavoring is more bright and upfront then the other two. Brings forth a nice sweet/tart flavor very much like a cross between a jar of Maraschino Cherries and a cherry juice to me. This will be the best one to build off of for the trinity imho.

Compote Cherry: This is authentic cooked cherry with a nice syrupy vibe with just the slightest tartness on the backend that surprisingly enough has a bit of a juicy mouthfeel unlike most cherries that can be dry. It is however a little light on flavor. I'm using it here as the syrup around the "Ripe Cherry"

Juicy Cherries: The name on this one is a little misleading to me as it's not very "juicy". I'm picking up on a "skin note" here that used low enough should add to the natural "fresh" cherry note we are missing. Has a bit of a darker profile then the "Compote Cherry" however that I like. This will bring a more "real cherry" vibe to the trinity while darkening the profile a little and finishing off the trinity.

Last comes Grammy's secret ingredient:

(FA Brandy): Used low @ 0.25% to make them cherries taste just a tad juicier. "Not to mention we can't use any more brandy than that cause Grammy dun went and drank it all" :P

Sweetener Suggestions: This is already a sweeter type vape as it stands but I do suggest 1 drop of "Cap Super Sweet per every 15ml" just to add that "POP!" to the flavorings.
Steeping: This one is not a SNV folks it needs time to let the off notes fade so 21 days min is my recommendation one month if you have the patience.

A Delicious Cherry Vape That Will Leave You Wanting More

Really Tasty and A Ton Of Flavor For Only 5.55% That Works In Rta or Rda and Wont Gunk Your Coil

Inspired From The Drink. Great in Rta or Rda. Not a Coil Gunker

Not much to be said about this one, a nice,simple little soda recipe that’s full of flavour. If you mix this or any of my other creations would you pls be so kind to leave a short review and rating. Stay safe guys 💙

Feel free to add 0.5% WS-23 if you want your soda nice and cold and if you want to crank it even more you can take the LA lemonade upto 5% but IMO not needed. 😎👍🏻 P.s if you don’t have LA lemonade you can sub it for WF lemonade @ 2.5% or FLV lemonade @ 2%

Inspired By The Drink
Great In Rta or Rda.
Not a Coil Gunker

An amazingly authentic maraschino cherry, saturated, surrounded by a gooey, sweet, sticky creme, covered in a smooth, thin layer of dark chocolate.


A delicious freshly baked cherry Danish with a light drizzle of cream cheese icing and dusted with chopped almonds. This recipe took some serious tinkering to get it perfect so please be so kind to leave a short review and rating on my creation. Take care guys and stay safe. 💙

*** If your sensitive to CAP CDS and don’t enjoy it feel free to swap it for FA Zeppola @2%***

Flavor Notes