(SSA) Garden Mint

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After having Aurora 4 I wanted a Chocolate mint. This mint isn't anything like that however, this vape is just as nice.

Shake and vape, the mint is the over powering flavor.

After about 3 days of steeping, the chocolate comes into play very mildly.

So hoping a week long steep will calm the mint down just a tad and have the perfect mixture. If not, it should come down in 2 weeks time.

My oh my! This one is tasty as fark😅👊

And with only 6.5% flavor, this packs a lot a flavor. Don’t you worry bout dat 😎

You get a perfect balance of sweet syrupy strawberry, blended with fresh tart rhubarb and slight cool feel.

The SASAMI Rhubarb and the SUPER AROMA Garden mint is definitely the ⭐️ in this one.
If been working on this for quite some time, but I just didn’t had the ONE rhubarb to finish it if. Tried with inw rhubarb. That one got I bit to dry. Tried Vt rhubarb compote. That one was to watery, and was hard to balance with the strawberry without drowning the whole recipe in rhubarb. Cap just wasn’t the right tasting rhubarb.

But... SASAMI Rhubarb was it! Man oh man is that a GREAT rhubarb. It defines the whole recipe as a strawberry RHUBARB slush. If you haven’t got it yet. Go get it! Works wonders in bakery’s as well, if you are looking for a fresh authentic rhubarb👍👊

The garden mint 🪴is turning the ice 🧊 into slush. After a shake it’s very dominant, but after just a couple of hours it has blended in to the mix and it just works wonders with both creating slush but also gives the rhubarb texture and authenticity.

The black currant is there to make the strawberry “pop”.

... and if you haven’t noticed yet, I am VERY pleased with this one. And I would very much like some feedback on this one ☝️ 🙏🏻🙂

Tested on a Hadaly with a fused Clapton, 0.38, 40 watts 👍



An authentic mint, combined with fruity bubblegum, dark berries, rounded off by a perfectly dosed freshness.
Great mint taste with tasteful fruity nuances. It´s a pretty simple, but delicious recipe. The base of Garden Mint and American Bubblegum is very versatile, feel free to add any other fruit. I already have several versions of it, that will be published soon.

Garden Mint
This is an amazing flavour and in my opinion an absolutely "must have". Usually I’m using this flavour around 2-2.5%, but for this mix, I had to push it up to 5%. Its very authentic and fresh.

American Bubblegum
This flavour complements the Garden Mint in a wonderful way and adds a little bit of sweetness.

Forest Fruits
A well known blend of mixed berries. Slightly sweet and refreshing and not only in this combination a delicious flavour.

Super Sweet and Koolada 10%
As I'm not a big fan of sweeteners, I kept the percentages very low. Just a little bit of sweetness, just a little more freshness. Feel free to play with the percentages of these ingredients, it's up to your taste.

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

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