(SSA) Garden Mint

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a nice simple mint ice cream to enjoy in this beautiful weather. Please add your sweetener of choice - I added 0.3% CAP SS and was delicious. Please leave your feedback on my work and take care guys 💙

Omg 😱 I love this refreshing watermelon drink mix. It’s very watery and taste like a fruit punch in a watermelon just like the picture. Hints of fresh mint without too much of a cool note but just enough to make it refreshing.

SSA Pear (ripe) is merely to give texture to the watermelon. Lime becomes less pronounced as it sits. Shake and vape. Haven't had this sitting around longer than a week to know how it steeps but I imagine the only change is the lime will be very subtle.
Add sweetener or coolant to your liking.


Do you need something refreshing for the 🔥 summer days 🔥 - go and get it!

This is my take on a very traditional moroccan tea, which gets served all day long in Morocco.


Lets start with the tea base. As FLV Green Tea comes across with a decadent touch, this had to be the right way. But to be competitive with the punchy mint layer we need some FLV Eisai Tea - just enough to make the tea shine. By themselves both flavors have a recognizable deep earthy note and a little bit of dryness. To overcome this I thought it would be a good idea to introduce CAP Cucumber and FA Lemon Sicily. These two together brighten up the mix and provide a watery feeling.

Next up: The right mint flavor. With the release of SSA Garden Mint, it had to be this one, as this is the only spearmint flavor, which actually is close to the moroccan nana mint. As it also got this leafy style it pairs just perfect with FLV Green Tea.

Round it off with delightful selection of spices. There is no other choice than spicing this up with FA Anis and FA Cinnamon. These two flavors are that kind of natural to not overpower the mix - hands down. Still they are quite noticeable in the body (Anis) and top-notes (Cinnamon). Since FA Anis is a little bit sweet it provides that perfect amount of sugar in the cup.

I really like how this mix came out after 5-6 iterations and enjoy it a lot. Let's be honest Green Tea by itself is not most enjoyable vape over all but in combination with mint its a banger. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please leave some feedback.

Additional Notes

Enjoy it

  • warm with a touch of FLV Butterscotch or
  • ice cold with 1% of FA PolarBlast combined with 0.5% WS-23.

Good right off the shake but much better if you just let it sit over night.

Testing Notes

Developed on Hadaly RDA. (DL, 27-32W, 0.25 Ohm, VV Fine Fused Clapton Ni90)


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SnV approved

"Orange Cream (WF)" en mi opinión es una buena crema de naranja en general y como "main note", pero necesita un poco de ayuda.
Por este mismo motivo añado "Blood Orange (FW)"+"Sweet Tangerine (CAP)" para acentuar la naranja, ya que soy más de frutas que de postres y para mi gusto queda mejor así.
"Garden Mint (SSA)" es para mi la mejor menta "natural" que he probado y la pongo en esta receta para dar la ilusión de esa hoja de menta...
"Ginger Root (VT)" siguiendo la receta original de Crema de Naranja, aquí casi resulta inapreciable pero aporta complejidad a la receta, te invito a que hagas la prueba con y sin gengibre y luego me dices en los comentarios...
El resto de aromas complementan el postre o la crema, que a mi me gusta suave y de fondo.
He añadido Super Sweet y creo que se acerca más a los estandares comerciales de esa manera, pero podría prescindir de el aquí.
WS-23 para ese postre recien salido del frigorífico...

Está bueno después de mezclarlo pero te estarás perdiendo los detalles si no lo dejas macerar al menos 5 días. Yo personalmente lo dejo 7 días mínimo y va mejorando hasta los 20 días o así, luego mantiene muy bien las propiedades sin llegar a mejorar demasiado trás esos 20 días.


One Inch Punch is a fruit mocktail created by Guerrilla Street Foods I saw on TV when Mr. Flavortown himself went to visit St. Louis. After I saw it, I thought "Damn, I want to go to St. Louis!" Yes, words I had never expected to have uttered out loud. Well, this recipe is the next best thing!

SSA Garden Mint - This flavour is absolute fire! Straight up fresh mint leaves with virtually no menthol or cooling. Very potent, and can easily overtake a mix. 0.5% is the perfect amount.

FLV Sweet Coconut - for the coconut water part of the profile, subtle and adds a bit of sweetness.

Molinberry Funky Pineapple - This is straight up fresh pineapple chunks, no artificial or candy notes here. 2% is the right amount for this and most recipes. Crisp and clean, just like the Man from Del Monte!

FA Blackcurrant - This is actually quite a weak flavour, I find it blends the mix together. This takes the 3% spot, any lower and it just mutes things without adding any blackcurrant notes.

Feel free to adapt, remix, add a few drops of super sweet if you want, etc. Pretty pleasant after a day or two, but could be enjoyed as a shake n' vape.


Hugo is a very popular cocktail based on secco with elderflower and a touch of mint. This recipe is exactly what a hugo should be. (FLV) Brut Bubble Wine and (FA) Wine Champagne build a very good bubble wine. I've add some (VT) Russian Vodka to push the alcoholic note of it. (FLV) Elderflower gives the light fuity and floral flavor which was rounded up by (SSA) Garden Mint. For some extra juicyness I used (FLV) Citrus Soda. WS-23 at 0.5% add a fresh note on the exhale and the (FLV) Sweetness round it up.

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My oh my! This one is tasty as fark😅👊

And with only 6.5% flavor, this packs a lot a flavor. Don’t you worry bout dat 😎

You get a perfect balance of sweet syrupy strawberry, blended with fresh tart rhubarb and slight cool feel.

The SASAMI Rhubarb and the SUPER AROMA Garden mint is definitely the ⭐️ in this one.
If been working on this for quite some time, but I just didn’t had the ONE rhubarb to finish it if. Tried with inw rhubarb. That one got I bit to dry. Tried Vt rhubarb compote. That one was to watery, and was hard to balance with the strawberry without drowning the whole recipe in rhubarb. Cap just wasn’t the right tasting rhubarb.

But... SASAMI Rhubarb was it! Man oh man is that a GREAT rhubarb. It defines the whole recipe as a strawberry RHUBARB slush. If you haven’t got it yet. Go get it! Works wonders in bakery’s as well, if you are looking for a fresh authentic rhubarb👍👊

The garden mint 🪴is turning the ice 🧊 into slush. After a shake it’s very dominant, but after just a couple of hours it has blended in to the mix and it just works wonders with both creating slush but also gives the rhubarb texture and authenticity.

The black currant is there to make the strawberry “pop”.

... and if you haven’t noticed yet, I am VERY pleased with this one. And I would very much like some feedback on this one ☝️ 🙏🏻🙂

Tested on a Hadaly with a fused Clapton, 0.38, 40 watts 👍



An authentic mint, combined with fruity bubblegum, dark berries, rounded off by a perfectly dosed freshness.
Great mint taste with tasteful fruity nuances. It´s a pretty simple, but delicious recipe. The base of Garden Mint and American Bubblegum is very versatile, feel free to add any other fruit. I already have several versions of it, that will be published soon.

Garden Mint
This is an amazing flavour and in my opinion an absolutely "must have". Usually I’m using this flavour around 2-2.5%, but for this mix, I had to push it up to 5%. Its very authentic and fresh.

American Bubblegum
This flavour complements the Garden Mint in a wonderful way and adds a little bit of sweetness.

Forest Fruits
A well known blend of mixed berries. Slightly sweet and refreshing and not only in this combination a delicious flavour.

Super Sweet and Koolada 10%
As I'm not a big fan of sweeteners, I kept the percentages very low. Just a little bit of sweetness, just a little more freshness. Feel free to play with the percentages of these ingredients, it's up to your taste.

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

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Flavor Notes