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McDuckie says, hey lets 1up the Developed guys and make a Cocoa Pebbles juice, in response to the guys remixing NotCharlesMason's Pebbles. So here we go. #TeamFingerGuns #PewPewForever

I didn't want to approach this as a usual cereal with the usual suspects. So I went with a combo of SSA Crisp Waffle and WF Puff Cereal (Frosted) for the cereal. The Crisp Waffle needs a steep as it is very strong out of the gate. It settles down after a bit. I think this combo blends really well with the cocoa part and gives a good impression of a crunchy cereal.

The chocolate milk idea came from an episode of Noted where Folkart and ID10-T talked about possibly using HS Chocolate Cream, VT Chocolate Milk, and OOO Chocolate Milk could make a nice chocolate milk. I went to work and that combo of flavors does make a fantastic chocolate milk. I played with the percentages to make room for the cereal and added some FLV Sweetness to bring the sweet and boost the cream.

So here you go. A group effort interpreted by this guy.

Long list of ingredients for this one but totally worth it. Raspberry and waffle at the forefront.


This recipe took a fair amount of tinkering to get right! I wanted the experience to be super creamy,nutty (ish) and for that waffle cone to come through at the end....mission accomplished! 💯 give this one a mix and please be so kind to leave your review and rating for others to see. Hope you enjoy this one as much as myself. Take care and stay safe guys.

This is a banana waffle drenched in peanut butter and maple syrup.

Made on Live Mixing:

Easy cheap and cheerful toffee ice-cream Cone. Added 0.25 super sweet, it doesn't really need it though as it's sweet already.

Ok. As a mixer. I try to stay humble and stay focus on growth.

This to me...tastes exactly like strawberry wafers you get in the dollar store or latin markets. My favorites. Not that lavish expensive stuff at grocery stores. I'm talking about that artificial goodness. That wafer you can eat the whole box of.

For this week. I wanted to show how important FA Meringue is to certain recipes. I created this recipe and a simple .75 instantly boosts the recipe. This is pretty good and accurate to me . I thought it would be bad but it tastes exactly like those cheap wafers lol I hope you enjoy. SSA has been a joy so far. Really fills the corners and gives some texture. The strawberries mix to make the artificial but yet tasty mix...even thou they're pretty authentic. I wanted some strong strawberries to fight the tough SSA and WF. These flavors are bulldozers and well. Strawberries are some wimps so I brought some of the big boys out. Shisha gives it the Gooey semi artificial that I wanted and glazed strawberries comes in the back em up. It's a mellow strawberry, just like the authentic wafers but the strawberries put up a great fight



To me, it tastes exactly like it and I love it. Hope you do too


Another mind vision has shown me the way. . . . the way to a Brown Sugar Sesame Waffle! Huzzah!

The combo of Crisp Waffle and Belgian Waffle make a perfect waffle on my palate. Totally borrowed this combo from Deftohms.


The Sesame Candy and Sesame Sweets add a great sesame layer to complement the LB Belgian Waffle.

Finish up with some Brown Sugar and Caramel for a little depth and dark caramel layer.

Top off with Super Sweet and I freakin' love this. Light waffle sweetness and sesame finish.


Profile: Waffle with banana and a splash of whipped cream

So one of the commercial juices that I really enjoyed vaping, was Double Drip Coil Sauce Strawberry Banana Waffle. Although i could never really taste the strawberry, it was rich in waffle and banana.
My intend with this is not to make an exact clone, but something along the lines of it, since I really enjoy that profile.
It's pretty straight forward.

The waffle itself is just MB Classic Belgian Waffle and SSA Crisp Waffle. I find it gives a pretty delicious mixture of crispy and buttery gooey waffle at the same time. I had MB Classic Belgian Waffle at 2.5% to begin with, but it was a tad too high and I noticed an odd mucus off-note. Much better around 2%.
SSA Crisp Waffle has gone up and down a little bit in this recipe. I landed on 1%, where it was previously 1.5% and 2%, which was a tad too high and the waffle got a bit too crispy like a cone. The goal is to strike a balance between a soft buttery waffle that still has a bit of a crunchy texture. And I think this is it.

VT Banana Custard handles the banana on its own perfectly fine and even supports the cream a little too. I don't want it to be an absolute dominant flavor, but just there enough to be blended well with the waffle, so 2% is perfectly fine.

The cream is rather simple and doesn't play a major role, but will give a good supporting mouth feel and some creamy vibes. TFA Vanilla Swirl was a last-minute addition, but I felt like I was missing it in the mix for a hint of vanilla and a good support to the TFA Whipped Cream.

SSA Milky Caramel Fudge is used as a sauce kind of type. Not a major role, but I needed it for a nuance in the mix that kinda goes well with everything else. I pushed it a little high, but around 1.5% and 2% I didn't really feel it was there. So hence the 2.5%, which still feels a little on the low side, but it reach the intended goal.

Relatively short steep of 5 days, since nothing in the mix really needs that long to settle.

Add in somes sweetener if you like. I'll let that be up to you.


Art by Dico/Zany


This is the one and only Fresh blueberry, buttery waffles finished with a honey cream drizzle. This recipe is out of my commercial line, I wanted to share it with you all as it’s just delicious and I’m nice like that! I’m not in this for monetary gain,I’m in this to bring sensational flavours to your palate and overload your senses. Please leave a short review and rating if you enjoy my creation. (Min 3 day steep) 💙


  • Waffle and Caramel

A delicious fluffy Belgian style waffle, with an ooey gooey caramel drizzle!

MB Classic Belgian Waffle is the main part of the recipe - The waffle itself. Sweet and rich vanilla flavor.
SSA Crisp Waffle is there along with the VT Honeycomb to add some crispy caramelized crust to the waffle, as the MB Classic Belgian Waffle doesn't really have any of that on its own.
VT Golden Syrup along with VT Butter Toffee Base is the caramel part of this recipe. I found these two together do a better job, than any single caramel flavoring I've tried.

This does need a steep though.
VT Butter Toffee Base tastes a bit weird at first - and the waffle really shines, after it has had time to develop.
After 12 days, it all comes together.

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