(SSA) Compote Cherry

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This comes from the dark cold freezer burnt end of the freezer isle in your favorite mart.

This assignment is the best one so far, IMO. It's been really cool to see everyone's interpretations. Going back to basics doesn't get enough credit...
Anyway, this is just a simple cherry limeade. I tried a few different limes here, but I found Cap Lemon Lime to work the best. (FA Lime Tahity Cold Pressed may be a tad more authentic, but Cap is still better)


Credits due to wayne for inspiration and Luke loop for the idea, and to Shyndo for the OG.

So the idea here is this.
Sweet Rice is good, but it fades, BUT that panna cotta does something imo to that CAP chai tea, that makes this slightly rice-starchy thing go down, and instantly had the idea to pair em all together. CAP brings a creamy Vanilla vibe with all the chai tea going on with it as well, which is also very delicious. Then..
Luke comes in with this pic of a cherry coconut rice pudding, knowing I'm a cherry freak, and i took off....

Coconut Custard wf was my obvious choice to help this pudding vibe out, cuz its awesomely creamy.

Ssa Ripe Cherry + a little ssa compote cherry were my obvious choices here for that topping.

First let me say I know there is a very good cheesecake trinity out there and has been for a long time. It is still to this day one of my favorite trinities to use, that being said I want to make this recipe be a little different and not just another "strap on fruit" and call it a day cheesecake.

(My Cheesecake Trinity):

INW Yes, We Cheesecake: A full bodied creamy cheesecake with a "slight coconut aftertaste that fades with steeping" followed by a light graham on the exhale. This will be the base we build off of for our trinity.

PUR New York Cheesecake: This flavoring changes it's profile after a good steep. SNV its coconut forward with graham cracker, however once steeped it transforms into a thick creamy vanilla cheesecake with a bit of a tangy exhale while the graham crust becomes a little more pronounced with a buttery mouthfeel. Very well rounded flavoring to add more body to our trinity.

JF Cheesecake Graham Crust: A robust graham crust that is "softer" then most others "like it has absorbed cheesecake into the crust". Has a slight but accurate cheesecake in the background that finishes off our cheesecake trinity.

Before we get into this cherry trinity I would like to point out that these cherries are the best I've used imho however and if used to high will bring out off notes that we don't need. Thus we will be going sub percent's on all three to build a full rounded flavor.

(My Cherry Trinity):

Ripe Cherry: This flavoring is more bright and upfront then the other two. Brings forth a nice sweet/tart flavor very much like a cross between a jar of Maraschino Cherries and a cherry juice to me. This will be the best one to build off of for the trinity imho.

Compote Cherry: This is authentic cooked cherry with a nice syrupy vibe with just the slightest tartness on the backend that surprisingly enough has a bit of a juicy mouthfeel unlike most cherries that can be dry. It is however a little light on flavor. I'm using it here as the syrup around the "Ripe Cherry"

Juicy Cherries: The name on this one is a little misleading to me as it's not very "juicy". I'm picking up on a "skin note" here that used low enough should add to the natural "fresh" cherry note we are missing. Has a bit of a darker profile then the "Compote Cherry" however that I like. This will bring a more "real cherry" vibe to the trinity while darkening the profile a little and finishing off the trinity.

Last comes Grammy's secret ingredient:

(FA Brandy): Used low @ 0.25% to make them cherries taste just a tad juicier. "Not to mention we can't use any more brandy than that cause Grammy dun went and drank it all" :P

Sweetener Suggestions: This is already a sweeter type vape as it stands but I do suggest 1 drop of "Cap Super Sweet per every 15ml" just to add that "POP!" to the flavorings.
Steeping: This one is not a SNV folks it needs time to let the off notes fade so 21 days min is my recommendation one month if you have the patience.

Cherry Lemonade

Mixed this for my 24 year old son & he seems to be really enjoying it.


This is a fairly easy recipe which was the result of me SFT'ing SSA Thai Pineapple, which is an absolutely fantastic pineapple, and immediately wanting it in a bakery. The MB Yellow cake was something I had stf'd and have been wanting to work with. I like it a touch better than the JF yellow cake or fj, whatever the hell they call themselves. The compote cherry fits really well into this recipe as its a light cooked cherry, but used this low its not exactly syrupy. I had originally mixed this without the TFA butter and thought it lacked butter. This is pretty tasty off the shake, but after 6-7 days it gets really good. The difference between day 5 and 6 is pretty evident, the yellow cake really comes out at this point.

Finally, i made a good cherry.
Cherry compote is now my go to for cherry flavourings, this is a rich cherry ice cream. I get no off notes in this at all and is well worth a try.

This took me quite a few renditions, and going back to basics, to get good enough to publish. I'm quite happy with this final version.

A soft almond cookie sandwich with a sweet fluffy cherry filling.


Buttery, tangy, sticky, sweet, cherry cherry cheesecake. Pretty simple, great flavors, great recipe ;)

Derived from MECH MOD RN original recipe called almond cherry cheesecake squares. I replaced cherries with new SSA flavors. This is an awesome mix and saturated flavor not just full flavored. Ive gone thru about 120mls so far. Cherry forward to say the least but what ive noticed is that after 3 weeks the cherries settle in. Im noticing they are taking a back seat to the cheesecake. Not saying that's a bad thing as I've got them pretty high but I may have to tweak as time allows.

Flavor Notes