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(RF) Yumberry

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 32 recipes at an average of 1.655%.


Maintained by: ceedee

5 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: Skiddlz, AlfredPudding, Max Savage, Graham, folkart. This was a recipe request submitted for us to tackle. The result is a bright, juicy, grape juice.

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A delicious strawberry cheesecake with swirls of jammy strawberries folded in. A rich buttery cheesecake with a thick mouth feel, topped with fresh strawberries.

Strawberry ripe tpa and sweet strawberry cap are the main strawberry notes.

Real flavors raspberry is the most authentic tasting raspberry. It is not medicinal like most raspberry flavors. Combined with yumberry and it adds a nice tartness to the berries giving them more of a jammy note.

La cream cheese icing has the tartness and buttery thickness so I used it as the cheese cake base and supported it with cap by cheesecake.

FLV frosting adds a nice vanillia buttery mouth feel and fills out the cheesecake.

Soda base adds the fizzy bite.

Wild melon, watermelon, watermelon candy make the base watermelon flavor.

Pear candy adds the body.

Yumberry adds slight tartness to the soda base.

Dragonfruit helps lift the watermelon candy making it a bit brighter.

Cotton candy adds to the candy quality.

Add whatever about of sweetner you prefer.

This is a blueberry fruit leather. Sweet on inhale tart on exhale. It tastes similar to a fruit roll up.

Blueberry extra a nice sweet bright clean blueberry.

Black currant adds a jammy note.

Blueberry candy is helping the blueberry extra pop.

Huckleberry enhances the blueberry with a nice tart berry boost.

Yumberry and black currant combined create the tart aftertaste of the fruit leather.

A sweet chewy cherry taffy.

Yumberry is an amazing compliment to cherry. It makes it taste more like cherry candy.

Cherry taffy and black cherry jelly bean are the main flavor.

Marshmellow enhances the mouth feel of the taffy.

Raspberry adds a hint of tartness to the cherry.

Em boosts the candy aspect.

I'm horrible at flavor notes!

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