(RF) Taffy Base – SC

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Was asked to make a banana taffy type vape and came up with this. I love FLV banana in this, its got a perfect artificial banana that blends well with banana cream.


I normally don't release a recipe so quick, but I mixed this up yesterday on a whim and god damn did it come out perfect. I'm going for a melon mint gum. I didn't want an actual bubblegum flavor, more of an orbit or trident style gum. So I went with RF Taffy base and TPA Marshmallow to get the actual gum portion. Everything else fell into place right where it needed to be. Summer is right around the corner and I see this in my regular rotation so give this one a try if this sounds like something you might enjoy. Shake and vape approved.

Shake and Vape
This is a simple but authentic banana taffy . Sweet and tasty much like the candy.

Shake and Vape
This is an authentic peppermint taffy. Like grabbing from the candy dish during the holidays. Chewy , minty and cool.

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