(RF) Sugar Cookie – Super Concentrate

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so after many trials and errors this is as close as I’ve came to cream cookies by Fryd . It needs a few days steep for the deep fried pastry doe to calm down a little bit it’s still good as a shake and vape so have at it!


I have erased my notes for this recipe 4 times already so sorry for the short and sweet notes. This is it!! That custard!! The custard you have been needing in your life. The custard you just need to buck up and get the ingredients and mix because its that dam good. This custard is on 🔥🔥🔥. Oh and mix a big bottle because you will need it because like i said this custard is fire. What are you doing??? Mix this recipe already

Its a corn bread custard. This doesn't obliterate your coils after vaping 5ml like country clouds corn bread pudding its absolutely delicious. If you absolutely have to you can sub Capella sugar cookie for real flavor super concentrate sugar cookie but you really should buy rfsc sugar cookie because its an amazing flavor.. Oh and use or don't use your preferred sweetener of choice I use flavorah sweetness its just right for me. Coffee milk froth by vape train was actually the reason behind making this recipe the second i tasted it i got a corn type creamyness. I couldnt think of what to use it in when then it came to me a corn bread custard its perfect for the corny creamyness from coffee milk froth. Well thats all the notes i can stand to type considering this is the fifth time i have wrote them. Just mix it and mix a lot of it because your gonna like it!! That is if you like custards of coarse lol. Enjoy!!!

In spirit of presidents day!!! This is my Red White and Blue Trifle.

Red= strawberry layer

White= the cake and whipped cream layer

Blue= blueberry layer


This recipe tastes amazing definitely worth a mix!!! I mixed 240ml today after tasting this after a short steep!!!


This is my blueberry trifle!! I am very pleased with how this recipe turned out. I really like this recipe and I hope you do too!!!!There are many types of trifles this one is layered with blueberries, vanilla pudding, whipped cream and pound cake. How can you go wrong???

The blueberry:
I love this blueberry combination I have been developing a few recipes lately and this combination of flavor west blueberry and Flavorah blueberry muffin is the perfect blueberry for me. I love it.

The pudding and whipped cream:
Obviously I used Flavorah vanilla pudding for the pudding. For the whipped cream I used a combination of Bavarian cream by tfa and vanilla cream extra by wonder flavours. The Bavarian cream helps the vanilla pudding a bit as well.

The pound cake:
I used Flavorah pound cake and real flavors sc sugar cookie. I will say it again real flavors sugar cookie is awesome with or in any cake. It brings out a fluffy cakey goodness like no other.. If you don't have or haven't used it you should be using it and or getting some.

Sorry for the brief description I have been so busy at work with broken frozen plumbing pipes I can't see straight and I am surprised I wrote anything.😉 I really liked this on day 3 but its slightly better by day 5 but anyway I really enjoy this and thought you would too. So her it is my blueberry trifle.

Flavorah sweetness is just my choice of sweetener use whatever brand you prefer or none at all totally your call!!!

Sorry not much of a description here I just had a bottle of butter pecan by flavor west that was over a year old so I needed to make a good recipe using butter pecan and I think I accomplished that!!!!! Warning this recipe is addicting lol. Just a delicious moist pecan sugar cookie!!! This recipe is good after a short two day steep but it keeps getting better and better every day after but by day 5 it is pretty much blended it may get better with age but its definetly ready at 5 days. I am vaping a bottle from three weeks ago and its really good in my opinion of coarse. Another reason for this recipe is there aren't any recipes using real flavors super concentrate sugar cookie. When I absolutely love it. Rf sc sugar cookie is a secret weapon it adds fluffiness to anything. If you add 2% of rf sc sugar cookie to even the densest of cakes it will make them fluffy. With that being said that is not why I used it in this recipe and I kind of combatted that fluffy trate in this recipe but I figured I couldn't be one of the first to use it on atf and not talk about using it to add fluffiness. Give it a try and let me know what you think and that goes for my recipe and adding rf sc sugar cookie to add fluffiness it works try it!!

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