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Those little Debbie Vanilla white cakes with Creamy insides.

Fluffy white cake and rf sugar cookie make up my cake base here, rf sugar cookie is a more "cakey" cookie, like a cupcake, so here it fits very nicely.

For the cream notes i used vta sweet cream and vta love. The white chocolate notes in love arent too prevalent, but love acts as a nice bridge between the cream layer and the frosting layer, working both ways. Flv frosting and fa oba oba make up the shiny outter coating of this treat, and everything on this just adds to the whole vanilla aspect of things.

Steep this for a week for best results, 3 days minimum.

This is a deep fried cherry pie, just like McDonalds used to make

\\Steep Time: 10 Days
\\Mixed at: 70VG\30PG
\\NOTE: This uses CAP Cake Batter

What is it that most of us look forward to having in the morning? For me it's a monumental cup of coffee, my mod, and catching up on what's going on in the world (But usually Reddit). This is my ode to that time of day, a coffee cake that actually has some coffee in it. Most coffee cakes don't actually have coffee in them but I wanted to give this a try and here we are.

To the notes!

Dat Cake: JF Yellow Cake/RF Sugar Cookie help create cake base and is actually a base that Tootall had in one of his recipes (Be sure to check out his recipes when you get time, his stuff is awesome). CAP CDS is used for our cinnamon sugar infusion that coffee cakes normally have, the bakery notes from it support the cake base as well. I also added just a little bit of CAP Cake Batter to give a some density.

But Coffee flavors always taste like burn Popcorn!: I've tried a few coffee flavors in this recipe; FA Dark Bean, FA Up, and FLV Coffee to name a few. RF Coffee SC seems to have the most bearable of burnt popcorn tastes from the flavors that I have bought. It's kind of a light/medium roast that has some splenda added to it. DFS Holy Vanilla helps as an emulsifier with RF Coffee at this % and BEHOLD! NO MORE BURNT POPCORN TASTE.

All in all this is a pretty bangin coffee recipe and if that's the profile you're into I would suggest giving this a try.

Let me know what you think! I always appreciate constructive criticism.

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