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(RF) Strawberry – SC

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 588 recipes at an average of 2.043%.


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I dont like strawberries and cream. I dont even really like strawberry vapes full stop, never have, but this ones good.


Wanted a nice strawberry custard with a different profile than I usually mix for myself. At first I used the nonna's at 2.5% which was a little to overpowering on the exhale where the anise/pizzelle cookie flavor was a little to much for me. Mind you I do not get the lemon flavor as some do with this flavor. I dropped it down to 2% where it balances itself better in the mix to give it the more subtle cake flavor with a hint of pizzelle cookie cake accents in the middle of the vape. The strawberry at first I went with inw @ 2% and tpa ripe strawberry at 1%. It gave it a strawberry jam effect which was pretty tasty. The strawberry faded after a few days so I gave it a lift with the rf strawberry sc to give it little more staying power. I am sure this recipe has been done a 1000 times. But I always enjoy a strawberry dessert. Enjoy

A candy mix, but with a more natural, fresh watermelon that just works with the kiwi and strawberry. Hands down the best fruit mix I have mixed on a whim. The % are just perfect, and every time I vape this it surprises me that I made something this good. Honestly worth a try!

No subs, except maybe swapping the sweetener for ethyl maltol. Enjoy.








A cool fresh melon, ripe mango, sweet strawberry & crisp cucumber salad with a spritz of a lime wedge, lightly finished with a fresh leaf of spearmint. Everyone has their idea of what a fruit salad is comprised of. But there are no laws...And anything is possible!


60-65VG is preferred

SNV certified, but really begins to shine after 3 days. FLV flavorings tend to need some steeping.

Any substitutions will not being you to this exact flavor


I suddenly got in the mood for a fruit salad and well....with no fruit in the house I was left to my own devices and concentrates.

The only thing I knew was that I wanted melon, mango and strawberry. I chose SC Strawberry(SC) at 1% and FA Strawberry at 2%. I have always preferred Flavour Arts Strawberry over TFA so this was an easy decision. I used RF Strawberry Super Concentrate to boost FA as it can sometimes not pack enough 'umph'.

The melon part was interesting because I had just received FLV Wild Melon in the mail. Upon opening that concentrate(and the RF Strawberry), I knew I had to make something special with them. I wanted a bit of watermelon as well, as a background note. I have always liked FAs version. Never been a fan of LA Watermelon. It just tastes like rancid lipstick to me.

TFA Philippine Mango seemed like the perfect addition to this mix. I only had a real Philippine mango once in my life(i usually purchase the more citrus-like Puerto Rican variety at the local supermarket). But what I remembered about the Philippine variety was the sweet light and fleshy taste. And that was definitely what I wanted to add to this mix.

I added FA Oba Oba in because I can't stand even the tiniest percentage of INW Cactus. The taste is just....ugh. And I found Oba Oba to brighten, sweeten, and slightly juice up my fruits.

Now. I wanted to add something unique to my recipe. I wanted the taste of spearmint, but not an up front kind of a spearmint. I chose CAPs because it's the most authentic. However, it needed a little kick to be more authentic. This is when I decided to add some Koolada. It was the perfect pairing. After taste testing, I decided something was lacking. And that something was lime. I purposely avoided Cold-Pressed, etc., and settled on Capella Lime because it's much 'softer'.

Do not take it upon yourself to copy and publish this recipe over to ELR. THIS ACTION IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
Respect mixers, they are not your ticket to success...They are your friends.



The building blocks:

Flavorah Basil, the crown, the secret, the missing link.
On opening the bottle i experienced a freshly cut basil. I think it's more of an asian basil type than european, a ripe basil leaf aroma with a slight aniseed, fennel taste and with light earthy notes.
Flavorah Basil is fairly strong so i used .25% which is about perfect to give that basil feel and taste to the recipe and perfect to infuse my strawberry mix.

JF Strawberry Sweet and RF Strawberry SC, the perfect combination for me, adding a pinch of FA Black Cherry is like opening the gates of fruit heaven, it's like strawberries on steroids.

Tahitian Vanilla Cream 2% gives a nice creamy structure to the ice cream mix and adding the vanilla spices i was looking for. All that combined with 3% of my preferred vanilla ice cream from LB and you get the perfect ice cream.

Flavorah Cream 0.50% and FA Marshmallow 0.25% thickens the whole mixture even more.

The result:

What you get after a short steep of 3 days?
A fresh made and delicious creamy strawberry mix with lovely basil notes.
On inhale you immediately sense the basil with some minty notes and rich strawberries with a touch of black cherry.

On exhale the vanilla ice cream fills your mouth perfectly in balance with the rich and tropical vanilla aroma from the WFTahitian Vanilla Cream.

Finally, a strawberry combination that works for me.
(I am one of those people that can't hardly taste strawberries in recipes but can smell them perfectly. In fact i smell and recognize strawberries into all their facets.)
Makes it difficult to mix? Not at all

S/V sit for 24 hours but better or perfect when basil flavor get into the mix after 3 days,

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Adapted from MikeC's killberry yogurt:


This adaptation was done because I didnt have FA yogurt, and didnt like creamy yogurt, so I stuck with flv greek yogurt. After I had made this recipe several times I started to make some minor improvements, and tinkered with it a little bit. Swapped out cap sweet strawberry with JF and RF(SC), added erythritol, and added HS FVIC to accentuate the tpa VBIC. The flv greek yogurt might seem a little high but trust me, it works, and it doesnt bring any off/sour notes.

I havnt tried the original, but this is my favourite recipe of all time and so I had to post it.

  • If you dont have RF SC strawberry just omit it. If you want it to be strawberry forward, instead of a mixed berry note, then up the RF SC strawberry 1%. One of the amazing things about this recipe though is that all the fruits mix together to make something altogether new, so too much strawberry can make it lose what makes it unique.

  • The original uses cap sweet strawberry (and you can too) but I started out using 3% JF strawberry and it was amazing so I didnt bother trying it with cap.

  • HS FVIC isnt essential, definitely try it without if you dont have it.

Heres the original description:

DIY'r mix. I have been trying for months to clone Kilo Kiberry Yogurt. I have come to the conclusion that some of the flavorings may not be available to consumers. I have tried different manufacturers FA,FW,CAP,FLV,TPA etc, to no avail.

I have come to this recipe, which I believe beats Kilo Kiberry Yogurt, and believe me at 120 tries I gave up on Kilo Kiberry Clone. I did come up with this recipe and let me tell you, I believe it is WAY better than Kilo Kiberry Yogurt. This is a very sweet creamy yogurt that you have come to love with Kilo flavors.

Flavor Profiles:

Yogurt (FA) and Creamy Yogurt (CAP) blend so wonderfully together, many people (including myself) do not like CAP creamy yogurt as a standalone, but with FA Yogurt mixed in, they are Amazing together.

Dairy Milk (TFA) - This really takes away any pungent taste to the yogurts and gives them a creamy milky smooth taste, this is a must for these Yogurts to play nice together.

Bilberry (FA) and Boysenberry (FLV) - These two flavors at low percentage (Bilberry a bit higher) gives such a nice sweet flavor, and with the Sweet Strawberry (CAP) following behind it, the flavors help each other so much, blending all the berry flavors just right.

Cotton Candy Circus (TPA) and Marshmallow (FA) - Cotton Candy Circus standalone tends to have a chemical taste with it, but with the marshmallow really brings out the sweet sugar flavor and removes that chemical after taste. With the berry notes, the flavor gives a sweet but mild tart flavor, and the yogurts blended with it give a candy creamy flavor. This is what Kilo kinda has in it, and this actually taste even better. Trust me!

Kiwi (FA) - The Kiwi just helps to kick the berrys up a notch, as you notice in Kilo Kiberry there is not much Kiwi, I believe it is in their flavor to help kick the tart flavour up a notch.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) and Butter Cream (CAP) -This was the hidden ingredient that helped to give a smooth creamy butter flavor not buttery, but creamy. This really tied a lot of the flavors together and helps to keep things smooth.

EM (TFA) - This is just to mellow the flavors down, do not use more than 1%, this also is important because it keeps the after taste of the PG/VG from being a pasty type flavor in your mixes.

Guys! I worked hard and bought tons of flavors to work out the Kilo Kibery, but I just could not get the exact flavour, but I ended up with this and it by FAR kicks Kilo Kiberry butt. I love this MORE than theirs. I wanted to share since I spent sooo much money on Kilo Kiberry and wanted something I could enjoy as much.

Please Make sure you let this steep a couple weeks. You can shake and vape and it is VERY good, but I promise it doesn't come close to as good as it gets after a week. ENJOY!


I'm in the group of people that can't taste Strawberries. So this started out as a "shits and laughs" recipe, but I ended up finding a strawberry I can taste. I ended up loving it so much that I spent the next few months making tweak after tweak until I found an ADV S&C.

The strawberry I can taste is RF Strawberry (SC). Using TPA Strawberry Ripe ehances the RF Strawberry (SC). TPA makes the strawberry pop.

I tried different mixes involving Cheesecake, butter cream, custard, but TPA Bavarian Cream with a touch of FLV Cream is perfect; creamy, creamy perfection.

I prefer this at 60/40 after a 7 day steep. Best after two weeks.

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