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(RF) Strawberry Lemonade – Super Concentrate

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 10 recipes at an average of 2.0%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


This is a nice simple shake and vape melon lemonade with a slight breeze of strawberry. I made this because mlnikon made a strawberry watermelon lemonade a few days back but i didnt have a few of the ingredients so i decided to make something similarly profiled. Now the strawberry in strawberry lemonade is more of a lemonade than it is a strawberry and rather than build on the strawberry i decided to leave it as is. I really like the lemonade base of flv lemonade at 3% and strawberry lemonade at 2% it works most everywhere and with almost any fruit added. I enjoy this directly after mixing with or without sweetener your choice?

This is am extremely delicious recipe. So if this sounds even remotely good to you give it a whirl. You won't be disappointed!!


For a low total flavor percentage this recipe packs in the flavor!! Just a nice slightly blueberry lemonade. I used a combination on flavorah lemonade anf real flavors super concentrate strawberry lemonade for my lemonade base. The strawberry in the real flavors strawberry lemonade just helps the blueberry combination be a bit juicier if you will i dont get a prominent strawberry flavor but i am somewhat mute to some strawberries. It really sucks because i wasnt always a strawberry mute so be careful if you over due strawberry flavors because you can develope a muteness from strawberry abuse!! Strawberry abuse is real!! Anyway back to the recipe. I really like this lemonade combination i have a few different fruit lemonades and it stands up to them all you just might need to adjust the percentages. My blueberry combination i got from steam! Thank you Steam i love the combination of fa bilberry and fw blueberry it just works. I know you arent the first to use this combination but it was your recipe that opened my mind to this sweet blueberry combination. This is good right after you shake it but its best after 2 days when all the flavors have settled in to the mix.

Sweetener: Use it dont use it i dont give a sh**. I used .35% flavorah sweetness.

Simple Blackberry Lemonade / first attempt tinkering is a likely scenario.

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