(RF) Strawberry Lemonade

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Tastes kinda like a Skittles and Starburst fruit chews sammich. Best after 3 days but I usually vape after 24 hours. Thoughts?

a few drops of youjelly from chefs flavors. 1-3 drops per 10 ml.

The licorice is actually from One On One flavors, but could not find it on the list.

Flavor Notes:
The menthol gives a refreshing cooling effect.
All the fruits mixed with menthol gives a summer vape with plenty of fruity notes.
The gummy bear and zeppola gives texture and a touch of candy delight.
Energy drink gives fizz and a hint of sourness without overpowering the recipe.

Well I figured I would put out a recipe using strawberry lemonade super concentrate by real flavors because they did a promotional deal and were giving away this flavor for free last weekend so there is probably quite a few people in the community who have gotten this free concentrate. To say the liest I was excited when I smelled this aroma itnsmells great the strawberry smells so fresh and vibrantni just had to make a recipe with this flavor immediately after I smelled it. So here is what I landed on for a finished product a nice refreshing strawberry honeydew melon lemonade when I smelled strawberry lemonade I instantly thought it would be good with honeydew also a super concentrate by real flavor and I wasn't wrong its a perfect match. I used both strawberry lemonade and honeydew super concentrates by real flavors at 2%. I didn't want the honeydew to be the main part of my lemonade I wanted it to play a more not a supporting role more of a back note or a booster for my strawberry so I boosted the strawberry with Strawberry "red touch" by flavor art. I feel that "red touch" strawberry adds a perfect boost for the strawberry lemonade by real flavors. Last but not least I boost the overall lemonade because first and foremost this is a lemonade recipe and without adding this pink lemonade by capella you would not have a lemonade at all the lemonade would have been non exsistant. Once you add pink lemonade by capella I feel this lemonade is complete feel free to add sweetener if you want but it is sweet enough for me. This recipe is for sure shake and Vape certified I caped 30ml in the first 24hours and it was great but after it had a day and a half to blend it was even better. A very good spring/summer time vape in my opinion give it a try and let me know what your opinion is feedback is crucial in us as mixers improving our craft so if you try my mix please review it. Thank you and enjoy. Oh and the strawberry lemonade is a super concentrate not the vg ones but it wasn't an option yet I will change it when its added . If you don't have honeydew don't sweet it its good without it also.

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