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(RF) Strawberry

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 408 recipes at an average of 2.497%.


33 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A remix to strawberry marshmallow man . super good . mix it up !!

This is a simple but very good strawberry like a fresh strawberry just picked from the bush .

Grab you a graham cracker, put a dollop of vanilla yogurt on that sucker, and top it off with a strawberry!

A healthy snack, but an even lovelier vape.

FW Yogurt is a nice starting point for a base, I added FW Bavarian Cream to darken the yogurt a little further and take a little bit of the cheesiness off of edge of the flavor.

OOO Marshmallow Vanilla is here for that full mouth feel and to add some sweetness.

RF Strawberry tends to lean towards the more realistic side (Sub FA Red Touch if you don't feel like going out of your way to get this). JF Sweet Strawberry lends a light syrupy strawberry to the mix and helps once again with the overall sweetness of the vape. Cap Sweet Currant brightens the strawberry and pushes it out away from the yogurt base to let it stand alone while adding a lovely tartness towards the backend of the vape.

FW Graham Cracker is FW Graham Cracker.

Sweeten to taste as per usual.

This is one of th best things you'll taste. Take it and love it

I have tried a thousand strawberries and cream recipes, and they all taste the same. This one is different, but im sure you have heard that before. If you do not have RF strawberry, 2-3% strawberry ripe is similar enough.


this is a remix PB and Jam monster. #FreeAssange


Really trying to nail this profile down. Getting closer, but I’m not there yet. Any tips and ideas would be appreciated.

Super duber dope candy recipe for ya. Wayne wasnt lying when he said candy wizard is so good! Hope you all enjoy it.

CAP 27 Bears - Been really enjoying this flavor in different gummy flavors. Brings a bright gummy that isn't plastic tasting like some gummy flavors I've tried. Believe it tastes fully authentic.

CAP 27 Fish - Bringing more gummy to the table while bolstering the red flavor of the juice. Also another gummy I think tastes completely realistic to the title.

RF Strawberry - Is the power house of the two strawberries used in the recipe. brings a jammy/candy strawberry flavor.

CAP Sweet Strawberry - Rounds out the strawberry jam/candy portion of the recipe.

CAP Super Sweet - Felt it was needed to hype the flavors and bring on the brightness needed to do the original juice justice. Tried CAP SS all the way up to 3%, didn't add anything special that I was looking for, so just used to bring out the strawberry candy and hype the gummy.

Preferred Shake and Vape. Tested in the Falcon Mesh Tank.


This is not a recipe, this is a mix of two great clones:
Boss Reserve by folkart and Jam Monster by ENYAWREKLAW
What can i say about it? It's the best strawnana possible IMHO
I lowed down the RF strawberry and CAP strawberry from Jam Monster and rised up the TPA banana Cream from Boss reserve in order to balance the fruit better, but the true magic here is the combo of of AP5%, FLV milk&honey and the butter note from RF strawberry jam and toast
Go mix this guys, you will agree with me!

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