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This is Waynes recipe I just tweaked the strawberry combo’s around to suit my taste


This tastes like a mouth full of buttery mash up of white and yellow cake with a little bit of pink frosting. After a night of failed gross mixes, I woke up and started fresh and attempted to follow one flavor down a rabbit hole. I started with Cupcake batter and wanted to do something with that because Ive barley used it. I spent a few minutes huffing flavors and thinking about what would pair well with its use.

Vanilla cupcake/White cake
These are my cake, I like white cake but am never really satisfied with it as the star of a recipe. I felt like it had some very similar cake notes to cupcake batter and the two might mesh well. They both have buttery presence to me and are very creamy. I think they work well I really wanted to throw some sugar cookie in there for more density but I refrained(this time).

Vanilla bean ice cream/Vanilla custard
I like a good cream base in most of my recipes. This one seemed to fit, I feel as if these two both have some of the same strong notes that my cakes had as well. I was kind of just pairing those notes so I felt like they fit well. They definitely add moisture to the texture, at least for me.

Strawberry Ripe/ Strawberry (RF)
These just give it a pink feel, I don't fuck around with a lot of strawberries. Strawberry RF is the goat for me. I don't know if you can even get that shit anymore (I panic bought a shit ton). Also contemplated going Sweet strawberry and WF strawberry gummy(might still try that). This part is really subjective I imagine any favorite strawberry combo will fit well.

Rarely post recipes, figured Id drop this one was feeling grateful for all the resources that are available. I follow the reddit community religiously (never post), hopefully someone with similar basic tastes as me will enjoy this one.

An awesome pancake give it a try u won't regret it.

This is a peanut butter and jelly on toast E juice . It’s very good and taste commercial like if you like that type of thing . The super sweet can go all the way up to 1.5 if wanted . please review . Enjoy fellow mixers .

Based on this recipe

Recently got hold of VT Persian Lime and totally fell in love. It’s everything a lime should be and nothing it shouldn’t. This is just an attempt at building around it as a primary note. I’m using it as the central flavour in a lime curd.

FA Meringue and TFA Toasted Marshmallow make a pretty convincing Pavlova base.

VT Persian Lime, LB VIC and INW Custard make up our lime curd.

The rest is really up to you. I added very small amounts of Mango, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Strawberry for the topping, but feel free to mess with this if you don’t have these specific flavours.

Just keep them at very low percentages, to prevent them from stomping all over the pavlova and lime curd base.

Taste is subjective, but for me this one hit all the notes I love. Strawberry RF is one of my favs I used some CAP strawberry sweet to boost its potency, im not sure why this combo is so special to me but I love these two at these percentages they just work.

Yellow cake JF I dig a lot but can never get it to pop the way I want it to, felt like 7% is about the Max I could go with it and sugar cookie was just an addition to it to give it that cake mouth feel I wanted. I felt I had to go high with the percentages (sacrilegious I know) so they are not too drowned out by the strawberry, and the way they are it culminated to great mixture of the notes I was after.

VBIC, really I just like this flavor and thought its profile would accent rather well in this recipe, it just kind of fits the flavors and gives it a nice creaminess.

Super sweet could probably be omitted but fuck I like things on the sweeter side and .5 was about right.

For some odd reason this recipe is fantastic immediately no steep time required. I prefer this one when it is freshly mixed which seems counter intuitive. Been mixing for quite a long time now and just wanted to share my adv with the community that has been helping me for a long time now. If you like desserty shit and strawberries this one is for you.

I made a lot of different variations of this recipe, I had friends testing it taking notes on what they liked or didn’t like. In the end it was version one that I liked the best, and everyone that tested the shit ton of variations also landed on it (weird how that works). That’s as close as I get to recipe notes or flavor description.


A remix to strawberry marshmallow man . super good . mix it up !!

This is a simple but very good strawberry like a fresh strawberry just picked from the bush .

Grab you a graham cracker, put a dollop of vanilla yogurt on that sucker, and top it off with a strawberry!

A healthy snack, but an even lovelier vape.

FW Yogurt is a nice starting point for a base, I added FW Bavarian Cream to darken the yogurt a little further and take a little bit of the cheesiness off of edge of the flavor.

OOO Marshmallow Vanilla is here for that full mouth feel and to add some sweetness.

RF Strawberry tends to lean towards the more realistic side (Sub FA Red Touch if you don't feel like going out of your way to get this). JF Sweet Strawberry lends a light syrupy strawberry to the mix and helps once again with the overall sweetness of the vape. Cap Sweet Currant brightens the strawberry and pushes it out away from the yogurt base to let it stand alone while adding a lovely tartness towards the backend of the vape.

FW Graham Cracker is FW Graham Cracker.

Sweeten to taste as per usual.

This is one of th best things you'll taste. Take it and love it

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