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(RF) Soda Base – Super Concentrate

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 50 recipes at an average of 1.633%.


8 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Wait, wait .... WHY IS IT CALLED BRAZILIAN LEMONADE AND NOT BRAZILIAN LIMEADE ?!?!? I don't see ANY effing lemons anywhere in this recipe !!! Because the word for both lemons and limes in Portuguese is limão. In the US this drink is served at the Brazilian steakhouse chain Fogo de chao. - I have altered one aspect of the traditional drink recipe - I added raspberry. Feel free to omit the raspberry concentrates from this recipe if you don't have them or don't like raspberry. Note all of the concentrates I used to simulate carbonation - I have seen recipes for the actual drink with and without the bubble factor - I personally LOVE all things bubbly.

A refreshing lime soda for hot days.

The cucumber tames down the lime for a very smooth vape. Just a little WS-23 to cool things down in the soda base. The mix is surprisingly sweet with no added sweetener. It only needs a one day steep.

One of my favorite commercial juices is Stormy by Hometown Heroes. , a lime and cucumber soda. It was the inspiration for this recipe.

The base is RF Soda Base, sweetened and cooled with Rick's Sugar Daddy and WS-23.
The cucumber is not a dominate flavor, and it could be bumped up a little if desired.
The INW Cactus-Lime and FA Florida Key Lime are the main note, but it is not harsh, and can be vaped right away.

I mixed this at 50/50 to vape in my Digiflavor Siren 2 at high ohm 1.0 SS316, and it was exactly what I was looking for, although it is nothing like Stormy.

That great Red Bull Taste in a vape!
Vape Train nailed the flavor ans the RF Soda base gives it that extra lift!

Simple shake and vape. Nice cola favor, the soda base adds a bit of effervescence and juiciness. WS-23 cools it down a bit. Comes off nice and sweet but you can add some more if its your thing.

This is a refreshing Vape. Just in time for the warm days headed to Atlanta, GA (Hotlanta).
The Base;: Blue Energy, Soda Base, and Fizzy Sherbet: the combo of these 3 creates a great base for a Energy Drink. Blue energy is a berry flavor, the soda Base helps to boost a slight effervescent effect, but more so by creating the density of the Drink. The fizzy sherbet adds a refreshing feel to this energy drink, the citrus taste that it provides stays with you on the exhale making you want more.
The Flavor: Succulent strawberry and Black Raspberry. Succulent strawberry is just hands down one of the best Strawberries I have had. Very authentic and natural Next Black Raspberry, this is a deeper Raspberry, but this helps balance the strawberry with the citrus of the sherbet.
Add sweetener if you prefer.

!!!Warning!!! hot and spicy, not for the faint hearted vapers.

Chamoyada is a sweet and spicy type of shaved ice, or raspado, prepared with chamoy.
First attempt to make a vape of this typically mexican delice. This recipe will be perfected over time.

For the Chamoy part i used:
Sriracha (SC) (Real Flavors) ----> 2 Drops/15ml or at taste, some like it hot....:-)
Sugar Plum (SC) (Real Flavors)
Tamarin-Doh! (NN)
(Tamarind could be subbed with FA Sour, it's not tamarind tho!)
The fruit is best described as sweet and sour in taste

For the Fruity (Mangonada) part i used:
Mango (SC) (Real Flavors)
Mango (JF)
Papaya (TFA)
Florida Key Lime (FA)
Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors)

For a sweet, popsicle and cooling part i used:
Soda Base (SC) (Real Flavors) and
WS-23 (30%) --> add more or reduce at taste.

S/V 24 hours but better after 3 days

edit 07/22/2017:
It seems NN stopped selling Tamarin-Doh!
I found some places where you still can get some tamarind.
Not in a particular order but you still can find these wonderful aroma here:
or shop direct http://atmoslab.com/product/tamarin-flavour

Tasteful blueberry soda mix with a touch of zen.

"ripe wild blueberries
nestled under tall fir trees
sweet tart juice bursts forth"
(by Christi Michaels MoonFlower)

Building blocks:
FLV Blueberry for its very aromatic flavor.
RF Blueberries & Cream (SC) for the mellow blueberry touch.
TPA Blueberry Extra, for the extra umph.
FA Lime Tahiti (CP) to lift the mix with a little touch of lime, It's not very sour but just enough.
FA Violet for the flowerish component of this mix.
FA Zen Garden for the mysterious touch.
RF Soda Base (SC) for a fresh sparkling sensation.

CAP SS at taste, i didn't needed it, just sweet enough for my taste :-)

Inhale: aromatic blueberry, cream and violet
Exhale: a complex flavor of blueberries and soda sentation with herbs.

Steep: 3 days is a good start, perfect after 5 days.

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