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(RF) Shortbread Cookie – SC

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 38 recipes at an average of 1.348%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

If you like the sugar cookies from the deli section in all of their greasy glory then you might love to vape them as well. If you like lighter and crispier sugar cookies then this might not be your jam. You can use your preferred sweetener and go a little higher as well if you like sweeter vapes. I admit that I was listening to Disturbed when I chose the name for this recipe lol.

This is a darker shortbread cookie than any other recipes you may have tried. Not to buttery like many others. More of a homemade cookie than the kind you get in a box. I really enjoy Real Flavors cookies and wanted to make a recipe using one because there are not many on here. I am not very good at flavor notes so just give it a try.


This is a Portugese Egg Tart remix of Taruto by Yami vapor
Made on "Live Mixing: Taruto"

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