(RF) Propylene Glycol

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Strawberry only, created specifically to my taste buds. Pretty much Shake and Vape but does taste better every day since creating. I will be adjusting as my taste buds demand. :D Update: Since this has become my all day vape and I could drink this stuff it is so good I am going to call it DONE. I do not want to add any creams etc... as that isn't what I want right now. I will play with mixing more flavors with Strawberry later. I am a happy camper that I was able to please my palate so easily! I use 80 VG/ 20PG 6ml nic base premixed from LiquidBarn. Easy peasy!


Straight up Srawberries plain and simple. I know a lot of people and some people I know cannot taste strawberries for whatever reason so I decided to just really pound in the strawberries in this one. TFA Dragonfruit is the emulsifier as well as the TFA Lemon, to really let the vividness and the realness come out. If you are a person who has a hard time tasting strawberries, you should really give this a go! NOTE: Of course a little sweetener wouldn't hurt for obvious reasons so add as much as you like or just don't bother. I prefer sweetener in everything i Vape, but I know a lot of us don't. .5 CAP SS is what I'd recommend or even 1% f you want to get crazy. ENJOY!

NOTE: You can use any PG that you regularly use.

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