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(RF) Mango – SC

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 28 recipes at an average of 1.456%.


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For those who haven’t tried this popular Thai dessert, it’s a beautiful pairing of fresh ripe mango slices with sticky glutinous rice cooked in sweetened coconut milk and honey.

Once Wayne released his Yeo layer consisting of Sweet Rice by Flavor Express, this was the recipe I sought out to make. A big thank you to Wayne for his Yeo layer and learning alot about Mangoes from ID10-T.

Here is the breakdown of the recipe (my 18th version).

Mango Layer:
- Mango (FLV) - wonderful thick almost syrupy Mango. You need this Mango in your life
- Mango (CAP) - need this ripe Mango to sit on the lower spectrum.
- Mango SC (RF) - delicious nectar like Mango
- Mango (FE) - this is another nectar like Mango that sits as the top note of the Mango. This flavor in combination with Real Flavors Mango is delicious.

Wayne's Yeo Layer:
- Sweet Rice (FE) - get it now
- Meringue (TFA)
- Vanilla Swirl (TFA)

Coconut Layer:
- Sweet Coconut (FLV) - absolutely love this Coconut
- Coconut Candy (TFA) - this works so well with Sweet Coconut and completes the Coconut base

Cream Layer:
- Sweet Cream (CAP) - this is a wonderful cream for this recipe. Not to heavy and just works.
*I tried Cream Fresh (FA) but felt Sweet Cream (CAP) worked better.

Mango Enhancer:
- Lime Tahiti Cold Pressed (FA)

- Honey (FA) - this needs to be used sparingly, but done right, it takes it to another level and adds mouthfeel - optional but highly recommended. 1 drop per 15ml (Original FA bottle)
- Sweetener (TFA) - used not only to add some sweetness but also the Ethyl Maltol to enhance the Mango

Mix it up and enjoy. I mix this at 60 to 70 VG and is shake and vape approved. Give it 3 to 5 days for the cream and coconut to come out. As always, feedback is truthfully wanted. This was a very difficult recipe to balance and get to the point of feeling it was ready to share with the community.

*My preferred way to vape this is in a Kayfun V5 or my other various RTA's.

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