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This was a big experiment from the beginning. Recently had beer from a local brewery, inspired me to create a profile similar.

Drekker - Struggle Bus
"Struggle Bus combines orange, maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla, lactose, and brown sugar for a flavor that’s familiar, yet pretty out there, and well... goddamn delicious. ⁣"
This is very refreshing dessert/breakfast sour beer.

Developing this recipe, I went through many different version from using funnel cake to finding RF French Toast. While drinking the beer, you get orange juice up front with a French toast cereal soon after. There is the bubbly/tartness of the Sour Beer to finish.
-WF Orange Juice is spot on for what I was looking for.
-RF French Toast/FA Breakfast Cereal has the cinnamon/brown sugar note and some doughy/cereal I was seeking.
-OOO Creamy Milk Undertone PG brings in a slight dairy note.
-FLV Citrus Soda brings in another bubbly note with some more high end.

Tested on a mech with the Goon 24mm

I have worked on French Toast for what seems like ever. It was always missing something. Once I finally got the Bread aspect, the Syrup and Butter just right I realized it was missing that Browned Egg portion on the outside of the bread. With a little help I settled on using INW Custard for the Eggy part. That was it... the Custard was exactly what it was missing. At this % it isn't overpowering but stands out enough from the other flavors that you actually get the Browned Egg coating of actual french toast. The Bread is made using the RF French Toast and WF Cinnamon Pastry, INW Custard is the Egg coating and OOO French Toast at this % gives the Browned egg and edges to the bread, the Butter Base is of course the Butter and the Maple Syrup perfected came from a lovely mixer whom I can not remember their name that posted a maple syrup that used Caramel, Butterscotch, Golden Syrup and FA Maple I just adjusted it to my liking for this mix. ( If this is your Maple invention please Leave a Comment so you can get credit for the delicious Mapley mix)

This is like plate of homemade French Toast topped with butter and syrup in all of its fried glory.

The base was the RF-French Toast but I felt like it needed something more so I dug into my stash and came up with this recipe. A lot of people are switching to the Real Flavors SC line but the flavors that I used are from the original VG line. I caught them on sale and they tend to need higher percentages so if you try this with the SC line you will need to adjust. The steep time is really needed to pull the ingredients together.

I used the RF-Cinnamon Custard, FLV-Eggnog and CAP-Vanilla Custard to add more spices, egg and mouthfeel to the mix.

The FLV-Maple Bar and FA-Maple Syrup were to bring out the syrup flavor. The FA-Zeppola was used for the fried aspect.

I made this without any sweetener and although it was good it could use a little bit of sweetener. I prefer Sugar Daddy Vanilla or Cinnamon for this recipe but PUR-Super Sweet would work as well. IMO I don't think CAP-Super Sweet would work well for this recipe.

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