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I like rum, I like oreo cookie; Hence a flapper pie with rum and chocolate crust. Not much else to describe. Sweeten to taste.


Alright here we go. Cap double chocolate V2 (thanks folkart) turned out to be a pretty damn good chocolate. The only issue is a little bit of a lingering fakeness on the tail end. So the recipe was pretty much just finding a way to fix that. Rf cookies and cream does a good job overpowering the tail end of it with a somewhat thin authentic chocolate finish.
So next I just set out to thicken that chocolate and enhance the overall full body richness with some dairy and vt devon cream is basically T H E B E S T concentrate to do that job. It is THE chocolate enhancer.
After mixing that up as my control I split it into smaller bottles cause it still needed something to really set it off. One of my batches had sa banana flambe in it where I used fw yogurt to make the banana taste more authentic. I loved what it ended up doing to the chocolate so I tried taking the banana out for curiosity's sake. Sure enough that was the money. I don't know why or how but it really brings out that wonderful trashy golden arches shake kind of authenticity. Also I don't have sweetener in the recipe but I absolutely DO RECOMMEND YOU ADD SWEETENER if you want the authentic experience.
Feel free to throw things on top of it like banana, mint, vanilla, strawberry, or peanut butter. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Special thanks to mlNikon (emily) and method01 for testing the recipe with me and Alfred pudding for providing some great feedback!

There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My own cookies an cream recipe.
\\Mixed at: 70vg\30pg
\\Steep Time: 7 days

I had been craving a cookies and cream vape over the past couple of months. So I started to get to work on it, I wanted to keep it simple enough without sacrificing the profile I was going for. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. To the Notes!

Dat Oreo: In my oreopinion RF Cookies and Cream - SC has no equal when it comes to an Oreo flavor, it really captures the chocolately goodness that comes from it, but like a lot of base flavors it still needs a little help. So I brought FA Cookie and FA Meringue to the party. FA Cookie gives a bit more texture and FA Meringue helps with that good ole grainy and sugary white filling. FA Meringue also serves a 2nd purpose in this recipe by helping out our ice cream base.

We all scream for Ice Cream: I've been an enormous fan of TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream for a long time, but I know the biggest problem a lot of people have with it is a peppery taste. I really wanted as many people to enjoy this as possible so I opted for my 2nd favorite ice cream. HS/LB Vanilla Ice cream is definitely a bangin combo, with HS bringing that slightly musky vanilla note, LB bringing that heavy cream flavor, and a dash of FA Meringue to bridge the texture gap between them. FA Meringue is just really versatile, "It really ties the room together man"

CAP Super Sweet is in here just because this is an ice cream, it's meant to be sweet (I do about 1 drop/30ml, or 3 drops/60ml). This will still do great on it's own though if you're not a fan of adding sucralose.

If you're really craving a good cookies and cream, I hope you give this a try. Don't forget to leave a review! I always appreciate feedback and constructive criticism.

After seeing Tootall rave about WF Glazed Donut I had to give it a go. I've got some others in the works but I feel like this one is good enough to release as is. Nothing ground breaking here and thanks to Goldfish18's Dunkaroos most of the leg work was already done, if you haven't tried it you need to mix it now.

What I'm going for is a light airy glazed donut covered with a rich frosting and an Oreo crumble on top. No notes really needed here. Just enjoy. I gave it a 5 day steep.

Have been keeping it simple lately. This is great for custards lovers with a cold. More notes to come.

***I actually forgot about this until I cleaned out "the drawer" today to make room for my newer recipes. This was made back in June. And at 11 months still holds its Ice Cream Sandwich flavor extremely well!

I used LB Vanilla Ice Cream as the base just because it's so true to real Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. No pepper. No plastic. Just pure ice cream. I needed to pump up the thickness a bit more though, so I added 1% CAP VC1. 1% is all you need to perform this task.

RF Cookies & Cream SC was my choice for the cookie part of my ice cream sandwich purely for the reason that as a single flavor--C&C tastes just like the chocolate I was looking for. All the other cookie & cream concentrates didn't have the particular 'chocolate' taste I was hunting for.

Again, this chocolate note needed a slight push in terms of texture. FW Hazelnut not only provided the texture I wanted, but also lended to the creamy texture of the ice cream.

CAP SS...obvious explanation.

You can add FA Polar Ice to this if you prefer. I didn't add it(or any of the other cooling enhancers) because lately I find it distracts from my perception of flavor. This was a personal choice. So, if you want it-add it.

I didn't like this very much as a SNV, it was way too flat. 7 days steep was good. 14 days? Even better.

Please dont use this recipe for commercial profit. This is meant to benefit the DIY Community.

Please dont post this recipe to other websites.

My continued thanks to the #EJUICEMAKERS crew for all of their support and love for what they do. They truly give more to the community than I am able to do. I continue to feel very humbled that I am included in such a knowledgeable & generous group of people!!


This is for the year in mixing peeps challenge. This is chocolate cake with crushed oreos sat on top of rich chocolate pudding. Topped with coco nut and peeps.

Peeps bunnies hop around on a "dirt" cake of chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos. This Hoppy Easter Bunny Dirt Cake is both scrumptious and adorable, and it is guaranteed to make a cute addition to your Easter dessert table. Perfect for chocolate-lovers, the "dirt" part of this cake is made from rich chocolate pudding and Oreos.

Nice Dessert Cookies and Cream recipe. Steep about 5 days for mix of creams and choclate to blend together. I mixed this at 60/40. Really taste good.


Imagine you’re 90 years old, cold when the temperature is less than your age, and afraid of leaving the neighborhood. What do you do for exercise? Mall-walk. You’re a mall-walking, tall-talking, stall-stalking machine. One thing you’re sure to build with that sort of lease on life is an appetite. Naturally, you settle down at the Factory where it’s a cool but comfortable 84F. When your 2:30pm dinner is said and done, it’s time for business to begin. Enter the dessert you dreamt up in the depression era dustbowl despair of your childhood: oreo ice cream cheesecake. That was likely science fiction back then, so cheers to you for having such a forward-thinking mind during a time when people smoked cigarettes to cure disease. Before you start devouring this contemporary delicacy, you better put on your windbreaker.. Ice cream always puts a chill in your bones, but it’s just so darned tasty.

Happy mixing. 👽

The name speaks for itself! Crushed Oreos in vanilla ice cream, with a little chocolate booster. I wanted to build a recipe around RF Cookie's and Cream SC because lots of people have the concentrate, but I don't see many recipes using it yet.

This recipe may still be updated after some more tweaking

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