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(RF) Coconut Spiced Rum – SC

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 14 recipes at an average of 1.429%.


5 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Refreshing hawaiian tropical rum styled vape

RF SC Baja Soda, it seems RF reinvented the bubbles, a fizzy taste of tropical lime.
Myrtle (SA) is my choice for this mix, its having a very light menthol and spicy taste that goes very well with the mix.
It can be subbed with a blueberry of you choice, i would recommend the TFA Blueberry Extra if you do sub.

I added WS-23 but it can be made without the cool, you miss some of the ocean breeze tho :-)
No need to add sweets on this one, enjoy the vape.
s/v but let it sit for 24 hours.

Imagine, a rich rum flavoured vanilla ice cream with raisins scooped on a freshly baked Belgian waffle.
Building blocks:
It must be my 26ste version, never got it right but here it is, a real treat.

FLV Raisin Rum aroma, used as a base for this delight. the raisins are rich and sugary. and the spicy rum tones are just about right and gives the vanilla ice cream that caribbean sense of joy. I added RF SC Coconut Spiced Rum to support the FLV Raisin Rum it needed for this recipe..

FW Butter Rum adds that rich buttery feeling and taste to the mix

LB Belgian Waffle is by far the best i used till today, yet i felt it needed some support from FA Maple Syrup. It gives the waffle a smooth buttery taste and the maple goes nice along and give that extra 'spicy and sugary and nutty mouthfeel to the waffle.
FA Maple used 1 drop per 10 ml!

RF SC Vanilla ice Cream and TFA VBIC are paired, together they really shine as a rich and thick creamy ice cream.

RF Butter Toffee – SC added 1.25% a syrupy and sticky cover on top of the waffle.... it's the finishing touch and rounds of this superb summer ice cream mix.

for a sweet tooths like me.
CAP Supersweet (1 drop per 15 ml) because this recipes screams for calories :D

Good after 4 day's, better around 7 days mark.

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“Heavenly” is really the only adjective I could find to describe this lightly-sweetened homemade coconut milk ice cream infused with fresh lychees, spicy rum notes and lime.
Building blocks:

RF SC Lychee is the 'queen' of this recipe, it's only supported by a little JF Lychee for a more candied feeling.
RF SC Coconut spicy at low volume adds a nice coconut spicy touch to this recipe.
The FLV sweet coconut is there to round of and sweeten de ice cream.
VBIC needed for the 'bean' taste while LV VIC gives the real ice cream touch.
FA lemon Sicily lift the whole mix upwards and sit nice in between the main profile.
* FA Maple per 1 or 2 drops per 15ml will do wonders and add depth to the coconut, if you don't have it, it can left out tho.*

Not inside the tin but....
1 drop of FLV Ginger would add an Asian touch to the recipe but not many people have this in house i decided NOT to include this in this recipe but if you have this aroma i would recommend to try it!
Not sweet enough? add 1 drop of CAP Super Sweet.

s/v 24 hours to settle the lychee and 4 days to perfect this vape.
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This cinnamon ice cream is the taste of the holidays in a rich, creamy, coconut milk ice cream. Dreamy!

FLV Rich Cinnamon 2 drops per 15ml!
S/V let it sit 48 hours, better or perfect after 4 days.

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notes yet to follow...

I present you a 'piña colada' styled ice cream mix, filled with a rich coconut, sharp pineapple, smooth cream and a dash of rum: we are in business!

The base for this recipe:
RF Coconut Spiced Rum SC
On opening this bottle for the first time a very light, sweet and spicey aroma came out. You could sense the coconut, sugarcane and spices used, almost imagine the wooden barrels this rum (would) have ripped in. If i wouldn't known better i would have drinked this little bottle of aroma instantly.
I used at 1.25% for a perfect balance with the pineapple and icecreams used in this recipe.

LB Vanilla Ice Cream (my prefered) needed some support from TFA VBIC for the spicy beany notes to round of this ice cream mixture.
For the vanilla spices i was looking for i used WF Tahitian Vanilla Cream, it completes the creamy structure to the mix.
The perfect ice cream!

Flavorah Sweet Coconut added to sweeten and support the Coconut Spiced rum.

JF Pineapple, a bit sharper pineapple than Golden Pineapple and therefore used in this recipe as a counterbalance for the creams.

S/V let it sit 24 hours, better or perfect 4 days.

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