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(RF) Cherry Pie

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 20 recipes at an average of 8.805%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Long steep time on this one takes at least 10 days for the Cherry Pie and the cream to come together.

Needs at the very least 1 week to steep. 2 weeks is optimal.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 10.0% Mix: 10.0% Steep: 4 days Difficulty: 50 / 100

First things that stand out to me are the cinnamon and the crust, followed by a syrupy cherry flavor. The Cherry is very true to the name pie filling without tasting like cough syrup. The crust tests like graham cracker with a little butter and a touch of cinnamon.

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