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(RF) Blueberries & Cream – Super Concentrate

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 5 recipes at an average of 1.25%.


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This combination works as good as my strawberry basil recipe posted a few years ago, view it here: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/44489

The French Ice cream from Hangsen is absolute the top, combined with a little FLV Vanilla Pudding for some extra egg taste, and the combination of the different blueberries is rich and decadent, to finish a little FLV Basil adding that little spicy an cold feeling to the recipe.

I understand that the Blueberry Cream RF/SC is no more available (some shops still have them) but it is essential to this mix.

Please remember that this recipe is been made to my liking.
As a mixer you should taste the recipe and adjust the quantity of aromas and sweetness to your liking. I just provide the necessary building blocks.

A fruity blueberry basil peach fizz that begs to be your favorite summer cocktail.

Peaches, Blueberries, they are awesome on their own, but I couldn’t help using them as inspiration for a sweet, summery cocktail.
My first idea was to make a peach fizz, but I wanted to mix things up a bit so I added blueberry and basil as a nice twist on the classic cocktail. I love this combination because they are all iconic summer flavors and they all pair so well together. This also works as a very fun mocktail if you leave out the gin.

RF SC Blueberries & Cream with TFA Blueberry Extra combined with Peach Cream from Molin Berry mixed with FA White Peach for that lovely summer fruity mix.
Molinberry Peach Cream is a wonderful flavor i recently discovered. Soft juicy peach in a beautiful creamy base. It can be subbed with a Peach Cream of your choice.

For the bubbles i used the RF SC Creamsoda to give that fizzy sensation. Finally, adding somec FLV Basil for a light, fresh and fennel taste.

Let the flavors blend...Steep, minimum 3 days,

Tasteful blueberry soda mix with a touch of zen.

"ripe wild blueberries
nestled under tall fir trees
sweet tart juice bursts forth"
(by Christi Michaels MoonFlower)

Building blocks:
FLV Blueberry for its very aromatic flavor.
RF Blueberries & Cream (SC) for the mellow blueberry touch.
TPA Blueberry Extra, for the extra umph.
FA Lime Tahiti (CP) to lift the mix with a little touch of lime, It's not very sour but just enough.
FA Violet for the flowerish component of this mix.
FA Zen Garden for the mysterious touch.
RF Soda Base (SC) for a fresh sparkling sensation.

CAP SS at taste, i didn't needed it, just sweet enough for my taste :-)

Inhale: aromatic blueberry, cream and violet
Exhale: a complex flavor of blueberries and soda sentation with herbs.

Steep: 3 days is a good start, perfect after 5 days.

Flavor Notes