(RF) Blue Raz

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My Blue Raspberry version of
ENYAWREKLAW's 'Raspberry lime popsicle'.

Use VT Persian lime if you wish, I don't want to order online for VapeTrain flavours where I can substitute it for something else from a b&m store, locally.


This is what would happen if you spliced together a watermelon and blue raspberry Jolly Rancher. The strawberry gummy candy is in there to help fuse the two together and juice it up a bit. If you do not have the PUR-Watermelon the LA-Watermelon Clear would be the next best thing to sub for it. One word of caution though, when I tried this with menthol it severely muted the flavors.

Was just messing around with some flavors and ended up making a Blue Raz slushy,w/o Koolada it tast more like a Blue Raz pixie stick

well since rf blu raz taffy isn't on here yet I had too use rf blu raz and trying too use a couple different blueberries to bring out that candy in this recipe and I'm totally addicted to this juice right now

This is a very unique tasty Melon recipe FW Apple provides a nice tart note that really brightens up the melons. The blue raspberry from Real Flavors is just a really good flavor and brings in a nice sweet but tangy flavor that bursts this flavor to beyond it limits adding such a great amount of flavor. Inw raspberry is a strong flavor but used at very low percentage adds just a great dark raspberry note to the recipe. This truly is just a sweet melon that will keep your mouth begging for more all day long. No steep required definetely a Shake and Vape that has the perfect amount of flavor and sweetness. Steep 3 days and the flavor is absolute bliss. Try it you won't be disappointed. Simple but great. Mixed 65/35PG if you like it sweeter add .25-5 FLV Sweetness or Cap Super sweet

This is what Blue taste like to me!!!! When I think of blue I think of the Sky on a nice cool Clear day. It has that nice beautiful blue sky but add that coolness of the Breeze. When I think of blue I think of being on vacation sipping on a nice cool drink. Enjoying my relaxation which makes me happy.
A very nice Sweet and Sour Blue and raspberry flavor.
RF Blue Razz is a great blue razzberry flavor perfect amount of sweet and sour.
FW blueberry adds more of that authentic blueberry flavor.
TFA Raspberry sweet helps to add some citrus to balance recipe out.
LA Lemonade is a very good Lemonade and at 1.5% is perfect as to not take over the whole profile.
Vanillin makes this taste more like a nice candy vape.
Add .25 Super sweet optional for a nice sweet vape off the Shake. Add 1% Cap cool mint for that nice cool vape as well.

I mixed this at 3 mg nic with nic select nic from nic river
tested on a 528 Custom Goon with one coil and 1-2 air holes open at .26 ohm 50 watts

the vape is smooth and flavorful, sweet, but not too sweet and it's tangy.
Reminds me of a blue sweet-tart almost, but not quite that tangy, maybe a blue razzberry jolly rancher?
It could easily be an all day vape, and i'll definitely be mixing up more of this in the future.

Although, it takes a few hours/ 1 day to work the alcohol taste out of the blue razz, but it's still a good vape, just a bit of a throat hit.

I'll be updating these notes after i finish the first 100ml i mixed up, just in case anything changes, or if a short steep changes any of the flavors.

but for now, if anyone is looking for a really low flavor% juice, consider grabbing some RF Blue Razz and giving this a try!

EDIT: It's been 3 days, and the throat hit is way down now, much better vape. Though I think the Bilberry is bringing the sweetness down just a tad too much. I would suggest adding a bit of super sweet, just adjust to tastes.

First attempt at this...im not sure on the percentages. I mixed it am waiting for the steep...

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