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From Mixin' on the Patio Ep. 001: Blackberry Gummy Bear watch the video here https://youtu.be/Pvvf1ODHo7Q

From RUG_ly's Randomixing Ep. 003: Blagumint

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watch the video here https://youtu.be/KvtD72GgCGU

This is a nice Buttery delectable Blueberry Muffin. The Raspberry and black currant add nice bit of tart to recipe. The butter adds what I like when I make a muffin that moist buttery taste. The cream cheese is a nice topping of glaze. Reminds me of a muffin I’d get from a Budnt cake bakery. Steep 3 days for the flavors to all come together. Mixed at 70/30. If you like it sweet like I do add .25 of supersweet. Or .5. Of Flv sweetness. Reviews are always welcomed. Thanks Enjoy.

This is just a nice Sweet fruity Blackberry tobacco. The Butterscotch gives it a nice desert feel and the blackberrys combined make it nice and sweet with just a hint of tart with a pleasant but not overpowering tobbaco Finish. Steeped 3 days. Taste really good mixed at 70./308@

So I don’t really care for tobacco flavors but I wanted to create one that I could enjoy occasionally so I came up with this nice light fruity mix and tobacco with a nice amount of vanilla richness to it. This is totally delicious after a 5 day steep. I enjoy it very much as my morning g vape with coffee in these hot summer Months

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