(RF) Baklava – Super Concentrate

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 4 recipes at an average of 1.75%.


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This is a long steeper, needs at least 3 weeks to start blooming but you won't regret it. Promised.

Bread Pudding V2 (SC) (Real Flavors) is the American version of their series, V1 was more of a Canadians type of taste, combined this with Vanilla Pudding from FLA (the best vanilla ever tasted) mixes goes so well with the bread pudding it becomes a finger-licking mix.

Adding some Aged bourbon Cream to give this a spiced feeling and taste.
A little Rum&raisin reinforced and intensified the bread pudding even more.
The baklava is there to sweeten and thickens the final mix.

Remeber, smell but don't touch before the 3 weeks mark!

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