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The inspiration of this flavour is an all time favourite of mine from the bakery, A scrumptious morning tea treat that is the Bee Sting.

So far i think I've gotten the creamy filling worked out and the sweetness of the topping but i'm lacking the roasted nut top.
I've found that RF Baked bread has given this mix that baked note and parted a slight breadiness to it.
The TFA Brown Sugar gives a nice caramelised sugar sweetness that i'm enjoying.
I've used Cap Sweet Cream and Golden Butter to try and create that thick creaminess of the filling and the addition of TFA Honey imparts a nice floral note.

i will be continuing to develop this further as i'm able to, in the hope i can create something magical.

this mix will need 2 maybe even 3 weeks steep for the flavours to come through just right


Back story

So a few years ago I was a mixer for a local shop in KC, my one condition to mixing for this shop was that I get to create my own juice line. Aftermath E-Liquids was born. The original flavor was the #1 selling juice in the shop for about a year. The owner and I parted ways about a year and a half ago, but the original recipes are still on the shelf at in stores. So instead of posting the OG recipe I decided to do a remix of it. In my eyes it's about perfect.

The flavor

It's a apple bread pudding. Thabks to Max Dixon and his recommendation of Baked Bread this recipe is 100% complete and perfect in my eyes. I feel like everything in the recipe is pretty much self explanatory so I'm going to skip actual notes. Just enjoy!

Does great after a shake, but even better after 5 days.

Flavor Notes