(RF) Baked Bread

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Congratulations Australia! When people come together they can get things done. This is a throw you you guys! A nice and simple vape based of a nice and simple snack. White bread with some butter and sugar sprinkles. Sweeten to taste. I will say I have not tried this, but I have Sprinkles on order right now so I will try it. This is more of a theorycraft mix.

WF flavors for base of the funnel cake/pastry portion with RF baked bread to give the bready note. Marshmallow vanilla for a light vanilla and to help the OOO powdered sugar. Closest thing I've vaped to a funnel cake


Autentico sabor a donut europeo!!!
Un glaseado dulce y una masa esponjosa, cremosa y con el característico aroma sutil de vainilla.

A buddy of mine, his dad used to pour loads of syrup into peanut butter and just dip loaves of bread and eat it. Once I tried this, I gained so much weight eating this all the time. I had the urge to try it again, and decided to throw it into the vape form. Surprisingly this works very well off the shake, but I would suggest letting it sit for a bit, the bread base does so well after sitting.

I love Irish soda bread and it is a tradition at this time of the year for me to seek out some ( because heck no - I do not bake)

Anyone that has had Irish soda bread recognizes that it does not really have a soft bread texture but a texture that is similar to a scone, dry and crumbling. So in order to achieve that I used shyndos bread stone https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/57854#bread_stone_by_shyndo RF baked bread which is more of a white fluffy bread with cap 27 and INW biscuit for the grainy dry back note that works well with the RF baked bread to leave that dry finish.

There is also a sweetness that raisins or currants add to the bread so using sweet fig and apple cranberry I was able to add that slight top note of sweetness I wanted along with the brown sugar at the back end of the exhale.

The cap yogurt adds that slight sour note that buttermilk would add in a soda bread along with some mouth feel.

My favorite thing to put on warm Irish soda bread is butter and VT butter base is perfect for that .

This is a winner and I am really happy with it - it is spot on - I hope you enjoy

Great Shake and vape, the cream cheese icing comes thro in the beginning but settels down after steeping, and then the bread comes tho with a bite of cheese on exhale.

Cream Cheese Icing (LA): its light and adds sweetness to the recipe as a whole, it also adds depbt and a light cheese flavor, it gives it a custard feeling without adding vanilla to it.

Cream Cheese (RF): it gives a deeper cheese flavor with a heavyness soo used in small amount, as it can easily overpower a recipe.

zeppola (FA): Brings out the toast more and seperates the bread from the cheese.

Baked Bread (RF): The bread combined with pyrazine gives a toast flavor.

Acetyl Pyrazine 5%: Adds a nutty flavor that brings out the toasty notes from the bread.

An unfiltered double wheat beer with orange slice.

Once I tried RF Baked Bread, I knew this could be the base for the wheat beer. I used this to get the thick, bready taste from the unfiltered beer. I added FLV Wheat to hit the wheat top notes, to get a flavor all the way through the vape. FA Orange is the perfect lemon zest taste, and the hint of FA Mandarin gives a hint of sweetness to the mix, emulated the bit of orange juice that melds into the beer while it sits.

It is pretty tasty shake and vape, but the baked bread does take a while to steep. At a week it will be a deeper wheat taste.


This is a base for bread. Simply add your jam if you want bread with jam! I do not suggest vaping this by itself unless you're just looking to inhale a warm loaf. Make sure you use the right baked bread concentrate. There is a VG one and a super concentrated version. This is the VG version.

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