(RF) Apple Jam with Toast (SC)

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You can shake and vape, although it is much better with a few days steep.
Apple Pie and Apple Jam: The base, this combo works really well together, the toast base gives almost a pie crust, the apple pie brings out the apple the most.
Butter: What is the world without butter.
Super Sweet: Lower or up it to your liking.
Marzipan: That hidden note that brings it all together.

Likes and dislikes: I like that you taste all the flavors and that it is not to complex. Dislike would be the flavors aren't sharp, but thats kind of the downfall of pods, which honestly I don't mind.

If someone wants to try and tweak this I would love to hear what you came up with. I was considering adding another apple to the mix or upping the apple pie percentage.

I vape this on a smok Novo.


A lot of strawberry juices's going around so I've adapted Wayne Walker's Strawberry Jam Monster. I love apple. Hope you enjoy it

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