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(RF) Aged Bourbon Cream

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 84 recipes at an average of 2.288%.


14 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Attempt at a traditional southern bread pudding with bourbon and banana added. First attempt using newer Real Flavors brand flavors.


My adaptation of the popular Castle Long profile. Bourbon notes are accentuated by RF Aged Bourbon Cream and the whole mix is smoked by Solub Arome's additive

Coffee & Mango?
Yes i am crazy, BUT i came to this idea while i was sipping a good nespresso coffee the other day, everytime i took a sip, i got that floral smell in my nose.
So i went to my flavor stash and started opening bottles and holding them to my nose and voilĂ  mango and coffee tasted very good.
So i made a short experiment and now after some time, i took out the steeped result and i have to say, it tastes very good, a bit strange, but good!

i always wanted a nice torrone liquid, i've tried some, but none of them had the real flavour of an original italian torrone.
the main base of this vape is of course torrone, but enhanced with pistachio, nut and some other fine notes

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