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(RF) Aged Bourbon Cream

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

Used in 72 recipes at an average of 2.45%.


12 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Sweet caramel Cream custard and bold tobacco....I use 12mg nic salts for my pod system... mixing notes just to say I'm not a pro mixer but I have been around vaping and mixing close to 3 years plus. My actual interest in vaping started out in 2010 when I was buying juice from a company called Johnson's creak this reminds me of one of there flavors...

Vanilla custard, bourbon cream and brown sugar light tobacco recipe. I wanted something to bring with me on my trip to Las Vegas for business .

Banana nut bread with butterscotch hints of bourbon hazelnut cream...simply delicious mix..

This mix is based on a commercial eliquid i had tried about a year ago,brought to me by a friend from U.S.A.Unfortunately,i can't purchase it due to regulations and restrictions about nic.At that time i had kept some notes that were left in a drawer,but that's all i had to work with.It needs steeping,not a snv by any means.After it has steeped,it reminds a dessert tobacco mix,although there is no tobacco flavor

A tobacco mix,in which the tobacco flavours were chosen for their special characteristics.Hondurian Ligero(SM) because it is smooth and slightly sweet.Cured tobacco (flv) for the woody nutty notes-Kentucky blend (flv) for the nutty-slightly leather-caramel notes and to enhance the sweet notes of hondurian ligero and cured tobacco.Aged bourbon cream (RF) and madagascar bourbon vanilla(TPA),combine well to give deep,darker creamy note that blends well with the kentucky bourbon and smoothens the final mix
The mix needs to steep for 5-7 days,for the creams and bourbon to come in place

To be honest, I am not a fan of tobaccos myself. I do like banana pudding and decided to take a spin on that by making it a more adult flavor with bourbon.

To be honest, I am not a fan of tobaccos myself. I do like banana pudding and decided to take a spin on that by making it a more adult flavor with bourbon.



So have you ever poured a shot of bourbon over vanilla ice cream and forgot about it then when you remember it has all melted? Me neither this Fatboy don’t forget ice cream but if I did I imagine it would taste like this.

This is a vanilla caramel bourbon cream. I don’t do all day vapes til now. I seem to get bored easily but four months now and still vaping this one.

RF AGED BOURBON CREAM...no subs for this one

VBIC....LB is my preference here it is more vanilla and sweeter than CAP or TFA
feel free to sub CAP or TFA AT THE SAME %

If you want a little more bourbon up front use TFA KENTUCKY BOURBON AT .25%

Attempt at a traditional southern bread pudding with bourbon and banana added. First attempt using newer Real Flavors brand flavors.


My adaptation of the popular Castle Long profile. Bourbon notes are accentuated by RF Aged Bourbon Cream and the whole mix is smoked by Solub Arome's additive

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