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(PUR) Yellow Cake

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

Used in 18 recipes at an average of 2.367%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Vanilla Cupcake is a Placeholder for Molinberry Cactus Cupcake,

This mix was created during the LGBTQ+ Fundraiser with QueerYourVape on the Fresh03 Youtube channel. https://youtu.be/5Xa1eZqfwK8

This is for the colour green in the pride flag that celebrates nature, and what a good time to show off this awesome M Line Molinberry Product called Cactus Cupcake.

I know off the bat that might sound bizarre, believe me - I had my reservations. But in the honor of celebrating diversity, i've given this a go - and I LOVE IT.

Well done Molinberry, this concentrate is a banger.

MB Cactus Cupcake - This is the hero in the mix, with it distinct but not overboard caky cactus notes
PUR Yellow Cake - To boost the cake notes, what a lovely yellow cake.
WF Buttercream Frosting SC - Add some buttercream frosting and butter notes that completes this mix.

Yes this is a bakery good off the shake. Hope you enjoy

my recipe was Mixed live on the DMC youtube podcast yesterday, and Noonas Cake was found to have a strong Anise flavoring on the exhale ,which is not what i was wanting , heck i tasted the anise just didn't know what it was, but i actually enjoyed the Mix ..after collaborating with the crew on what needed to change we came up with the above changes ,which we feel will really set this cake up and give it the Authenticity it deserves... Thanks to Tam,Luadr,Shake and Folk for their input on this ...

Heres is what i was Envisioning.
A caramelized outer layer much like a Blonde Brownie, with a chewy custardy middle layer and a pie cake like bottom layer with a Sweet buttery creaminess across the entire recipe ...well i hope everyone enjoys this recipe and shout outs to all ..peace

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