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(PUR) Watermelon

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

Used in 372 recipes at an average of 3.925%.


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A very nice sweet and tarty watermelon candy like flavor. Very well balanced flavor great for the summer. Very good for those that like watermelon vapes.
Purilum watermelon is the most candy like watermelon I've tasted with a great amount of sweetness.
FW green apple is great as an accent to add flavor and tartness. Used in low percents as it's very strong and can overpower the recipe.
The cranberry adds a nice tartness as well but brings a unique flavor too the recipe , making it different from other recipes.
The red touch adds some strawberry notes with some brightness to make the recipe great. Good as a Shake n vape.


Tigers blood
I have been working almost since the start of me DIY to create this recipe and it has been so hard for such a simple profile. This is the closest i have got to tigers blood shaved ice flavor.

TPA strawberry and INW shisha strawberry - These 2 strawberries help create the candy syrup strawberry in tigers blood.

TPA coconut and TPA coconut candy - Still looking for the perfect coconut for this profile but these are the closest i have come.

CAP golden pineapple - Helps bridge all these flavors and gives this recipe something special with the coconuts

Purilum watermelon - The perfect candy watermelon for this mix, the secret ingredient. If you don't have this flavor and love watermelon GET IT NOW!

CAP super sweet - optional but tigers blood is usually very sweet so i would recommend.

Notes - After making 120ml and having it steeped seems as if the coconut comes through more and could be reduced a bit in the recipe.
Major note - this uses TPA coconut not TPA coconut extra!

Flavor Notes